Audio slideshow: War through an artists eyes

I must say im quite impressed with what this artist had done!

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Saw her on the BBC this morning and then looked at the slide show very thought provokeing, she is now going to Afghanistan
That 'Too many stories to tell' was the pick of the crop for me, the black & white (charcoal or pencil?) image of the soldiers face, with it all being quite rough except the eyes in great detail and emotion, to capture the thousand yard stare, excellent stuff...
Those are some very haunting images. I especially like the treatment of the soldier drawn over the photos of the brave lost ones. That should be used for H4H!
Very good you can see it in the eyes
I would be very proud of these if I took them with a camera. To be able to draw like that is tremendous. Any one of these would fit right into a recruiting drive. Well done that woman (and she looks a bit fit as well!)

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