Audience Comments in Garrison Cinemas

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Thai_exile, Nov 12, 2010.

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  1. Quite often, the comments from cinema audiences, particularly in garrisons or training camps, were better than the movie being shown. For instance in "Zulu", when the volley fire had just been applied in front of the final redoubt and the camera passed over the mounds of dead, the reflective silence was split by the comment "Paste up, patch up, move back to 200!" Can't remember where it was, unfortunately.

    Also in Vogelsang in about 1969, watching a particularly poor Western, the heroine had just been shot in the chest, or tits for that matter, when the advice to "Get it while it's warm" was loudly offered.
  2. In Bambi, after the mother's been shot and Bambi's running around saying 'Mother, mother, where are you?'

    Cue laconic voice from up the back; 'She's run off with a bloody Yank!'
  3. SKC in Hohne and It´s packed for the The Exorcist,a matelot had jumped off a multi story carpark in the UK so the suspense was pretty high,my mate´s(D+*k H*ll*w*ll) seen it before so just before she revolves her head he screams,the crowd jumps but resettles as nothing´s scary but then she really turns her head!
    I think the whole cinama nearly shit a brick :)

    Mild entertainment these days but back then It kept a lot of squaddies awake!
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Akrotiri Cinema about 1990

    Just watched Memphis Belle and the place is packed
    Bit at the end says something like 80,000 young men lost their lives over Europe in the years of 43,44,45

    Voice pipes up

    Ah well it was only aircrew
  5. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

  6. Hohne AKC,'60s,used to go and watch anything in them days,emerging after seeing 'Oklahoma',classic quote,'Would have been a good cowboy film,but too much singing.'
  7. Again Hohne SKC mid 60's. Battle of the Bulge, and a line of German tanks appear smack on the skyline. The audience, comprising mostly of 2nd and 4th Tanks erupted laughing, much to the amusement of us RA guys.
  8. Dortmund early 80s. Showing of "Carrie". As Carrie's mum is pinned to the doorframe by flying kitchen knives, ending with one to the chest(?), loud cry from the cheap seats of:

    "One hundred and eighteeee!"

    (scary atmosphere of the climax had been somewhat decompressed by the bit where Carries wandering around in a nighty, soaked with blood from her victims. Cue lots of "nice chebs", etc....)
  9. Watching 'Ice Cold in Alex' while waiting for Air Trooping, we'd got to the stage where John Mills is in the bar admiring the pint he'd been dreaming about. He looks lovingly at it, runs a finger up it to catch the condensation, reaches for the glass with a palpable sense of craving and some bugger up the back yells, "Stand to!"

    Every soldier must have experienced a moment like that at some point or another and the room just dissolved. Or perhaps you had to be there.
  10. By chance, I saw 'Guns at Batasi' in Hilden, the then home of 34 RA, a Light Ack-Ack regiment.
    Featured in the film was a Bofors 40/70 a 40mm anti-aircraft gun.

    There were two lines in the film that brought great mirth from the Gunners but would have been lost on the general film-going public.

    (as best as I can recall)
    RSM: "I want one volunteer to drop a 36 grenade down the barrel of that gun"
    [down a 40mm barrel?]
    and secondly,

    (forgotten who said it) "Do you want a ranging shot first?"
    [a ranging shot by an AA gun?]