Audi able to silence backseat drivers

AUTOCAR magazine said:
S8 leads Audi performance charge . . . .

Further technological highlights on the S8 include a new active noise cancellation (ANC) system that is used to suppress engine and wind noise.

ANC consists of four microphones integrated into the headlining that constantly record the noise within the cabin. It is then analysed for what Audi describes as “intrusive elements” and, when required, an anti-phase sound is played through he speakers to cancel it out.

Reference: AUTOCAR dated 31AUGUST 2011. Page 12.​

Audi’s intended application of ANC is interesting.

Can we assume this technology will be able to eliminate, cancel-out, the annoying comments of one’s spouse, or constant droning of other irritating passengers that are inside the car ?! :)

I can foresee many other applications for this technology, particularly in a domestic (and even work place) environment! :pl:
There's a matrix road sign near the Forth Road Bridge that often says, "Tell your passengers to belt up."

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