Audi A4

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Arters, Oct 16, 2011.

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  1. Last week I was given the choice of a new Co. car, 3 were on offer,
    1. Passat Bluemotion
    2. Audi A4
    3. Saab
    All are 1.9, (new Company Policy with ref. to emissions), by the time I got
    to our HQ the Passat had been taken so I chose the Audi, having owned
    an original Quattro(Coupe) whilst in BAOR, I thought won't go far wrong
    here. What a mistake, I hate the bloody thing, it's a dog!
    I'm ringing the guy who got the Saab tomorrow, to see if he'll swop....
    pretty please!!!
    Anybody out there own one of these Audi's, if so do you think I should
    live with it a bit longer or go for the Swede?
  2. Avoid SAAB use the 1.9 power plant from GM pile of shite EUC faults etc will spend more time in the garage than out of it.
  3. A local taxi driver has had a load of engine problems with both of his Diesel Passats.
  4. What is the problem with it, or is it just a rant?
  5. He'll not be able to reach the pedals.

  6. He is just showing dropping the cars he can get. Personally I would ask for a totally different car.
  7. Even though you don't like it, you should stick with the Audi. Those SAABs are a bunch of scrap. Dizzler BMW 3s are crap too:defective spiral flaps=cylinder head damage+eats its turbo. I have one of the things on my keyring to show people. £2100 for a recon engine.
  8. You have a BMW 3 on your key ring? You a giant?
  9. Expensive Car Walts!
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  10. No, just the recon engine.
  11. Skoda Octavia. Cheaper and surprisingly better than all 3 mentioned.
  12. Except for diesel fuel fires, driveshafts falling out when cornering, engine mountings letting go. And we're not talking lunar-mileage minicabs here, either.
  13. Are you one of these people who can list any fault thats ever happened to any vehicle because you find me a car and I'll find you a horror story.

    I know a certain group of people who torture their Diesel Octavia's for between 8-16 hours a day and they swear they're the best vehicles they've had for thrashing since Senators.
  14. The certain group from where I got those examples are the PSNI. They really don't like them. Mind you, I can't imagine the Vectras are much good either, or the Fords with their exploding dual mass flywheels.
  15. so what's rough with Audi A4? - have we established that?.
    petrol / diesel? mileage?

    I have an audi A4 avant 1.9tdi. '53 plate; only major problems I've had was A/C related. condenser and pump thingy.
    seized windscreen wiper arm and rear screen washer tube disconnected..
    But otherwise quite a sweet secondhand motor over 100K on it now.