Audi A3

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by bernoulli, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. I'm thinking of getting an Audi A3 sport hatch. Does anyone here have any experience of the beasty?
  2. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Good car - loads of fun - but........
    be prepared for the servicing and parts costs. They are really expensive.

    I have been better off with Saab 9-3s. Cheaper, just as fast and more comfortable. PM me for more.
  3. My last 3 cars have been A3s. I have recently got the Sportback 2.0T in auto with a few bells and whistles and it is a great car. I got it from an Audi dealership and they are running 2 years worth of free servicing at the moment.

    Both my Mk1s and 2s have had no serious issues at all and the extended servicing regime means that they are not too expensive to run. I test drove the 3.2 quattro as an audition recently and it is neck-snappingly fast and very thirsty!
  4. you should buy a british made car with your tax payers handouts and suport and do something for your country for once in your life. Personally I do like audies but the A3 is just and over priced golf in drag.
  5. What are you wittering on about you moron?
  6. Check his other posts I think hes trying to have a wah like sebastion earlier.
    That or hes a total throbber.
  7. I am saying he should buy a british made car and suport his country.
  8. A Total throbber
  9. What did you have in mind, a TVR?
    In this country we build Toyotas with the cash going to Japan, BMWs with the money going to Germany...........etc.
    You're still driving an Austin Allegro aren't you!
  10. an 80s fiesta prouldly made in britain my mommy has told me to go to bed
  11. A3's are great cars I have one and a young lady remodelled the side by shunting me at 30mph. Copper, who witnessed it all, commented that I only walked away because it was such a solid car. Like Mysteron says they are expensive on service and parts but such a joy to drive.
    Who is that a misspell by any chance?
  12. Your "Mommys" a wise woman. Hows about you embark on a long dark night of the soul, and open a vein.
  13. I've had an Audi S3 (top of the range A3 model) for several years so can speak on them with some authority (which makes a change for me!).

    The S3 is turbo-charged sex with four wheel drive!

    There are only 3 things I ocasionally get niggled by

    1. No passenger back doors (only when I'm in a rush and the boot is full of crap!).

    2. The boot is small and easily fills up with crap

    3. Not living close enough to Walse or Scotland to give the beast a regular thrashing on bendy A roads!

    Go for the S3, more style and panache than a cavalry regiment, better tracking on the road than a train on rails and more dirty fun than a 100 Mark whore!

    You can easily average 30mpg around town and servicing isn't that much as really as it's 'long life' - every 20, 000 miles. Rotate you tyres (backs to the front etc) to even out wear and remember to tell the knob jocky MOT tester it's 4WD BEFORE the cnut puts it on a rolling road (and people wonder where REME VMs end up after 22yrs!).

    Plenty around for 12K, leave Golf GTIs to chav scum and Audi TTs (same engine, gearbox etc on later modals as S3) to hairdressers receptionists!
  14. Hello TAcont,

    Ford is an American company,shouldn't you be buying British to support your country?

  15. 'Kin hell! How expensive is the A3 to run if it makes a SAAB seem cheap?