Auctions 4th - 11th November

Divide of money

  • 50% to Blesma

    Votes: 5 11.6%
  • 50% to RBL only

    Votes: 10 23.3%
  • 50% split between RBL & SSAFA & BLESMA

    Votes: 16 37.2%
  • Hols4heroes keeps it all

    Votes: 12 27.9%

  • Total voters
Welcome to the temporary auctions forum, kindly hosted here by the COs and Evil Adjutant in an effort to raise money for a couple or three good causes. This is separate from the existing and current running forum here on Arrse.

There is a poll, in order that we decide who gets the share of the raised cash.

Please only vote if you are bidding.

Holidays4heroes will get 50% of all profits, the remaining 50% is up to you.

All auctions will run from now until 19:00 hrs on November the 11th.

Bumping is forbidden and is punishable by cancer.

If anyone has items they'd like me to hose, please pm me or even better, email me on
Just waiting to get last payments and address's in then I'll post up a sitrep and amount raised.

Thanks again to you and the COs for allowing this happen :D
Just collating items and address's.

All items dispatched by weekend.

Thankyou to everyone who took part, the holiday raffle winner will be announced when I post the final raised amount.
Can we have the outstanding payments in por favor or a PM to say you don't want the item please.

I'd like to get all this boxed off, totals in and cheques away by end of play thursday

Don't you lot fuckin' look at me!.........**runs off to check**...nope..not guilty...this time. Does that mean the Sten is still available..he asked..hopefully.....
Allowing for deductions from the charity take for you paying off your debts at the local Adonis Steam Baths, how much moolah did you grab this year?

Got any other weapons going?
There is a couple of Mess Webleys, framed and mounted going up tomorrow.

A couple are waiting on pay day and have promised to pay tonight then I can tot up, post the figures and send some cheques out.

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