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Auction SAS port fastball

Chaps, there is a campaign running at the minute to get a family away pronto, ie tomorrow.

Please help by bidding on a bottle of SAS port. (obviously a full one, but have no pics to hand)

Auction ends tonight at 18:00 hrs, I'd just ask that the winning bidder pays promptly.

Thanks people, lets get this one smashed.
£250? Really? Some shrapnel put into H4H anyway. Call it a bid if the high bid falls - no disrespect intended, but 1 post in two years. If not, there's some pennies for a good cause anyway.
Ok, so my first post in a while, I like to listen more than speak. Two ears one mouth. I bid £300 just to prove it's a good cause!

There was me hoping to get a chance for it but it's already way out of what I can afford!
Good work chaps

Sent by carrier pigeon using Speckled Jim
Blinding idea, but it is my favourite cause, so I will still go £300 to save Tiddles! Wish there was something like this when I had my shoulder taken out!
Just to put it straight, I am Northern Man, slice me up and you'll see Yorkshire in every slice. Some things are worth the coin. Come on Toms, get bidding!

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