Auction of the Century - for Combat Stress

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by .Dolly, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. ROLL UP .... ROLL UP .... GET IT HERE :dance:

    Those generous and genius ARRSE chaps who go by the names of convoy_cock and the_rigger have offered one lucky person the opportunity to own a piece of history, a literary classic, stupendous tome to grace one's library, bedside cabinet, toilet windowsill...

    This priceless copy of "Picking Up The Brass" will be embellished with the rare and highly sought after signatures of BOTH authors. :highfive:

    Anyone who's just crawled out from under a rock and isn't au fait with said piece of literature read THIS PAGE to find out just what you're missing. The plaudits speak for themselves; I can also vouch for it's splendidity (new word invented there!?) :D

    The auction is in aid of the superb and worthy charity COMBAT STRESS and is offered for auction as sponsorship for my London Marathon mission occuring Sunday 22 April 07. MARATHON THREAD HERE

    The auction will run for a week - finishing late Tuesday evening 24 April.

    Anyone who's been meaning to get a copy and hasn't here is your chance with the added bonus of it being a highly original copy. Anyone else whose copy has been borrowed and not returned/purloined/left out in the garden/used as a fire lighter/been peed on by the dog/chewed by the dog here is YOUR chance to replace - and gain brownie points ready for your meeing with Saint Peter at the pearly gates.

    Time to get off your ARRSEs and open the bidding, please.

    (Excuses of deep pockets and short arms will not be tolerated!) ;)
  2. I bid £50.
  3. :w00t: WHOO HOO :w00t:

    Great start fella-from-the-Andrew, I thank ye kindly :clap:
  4. Sod it.

  5. Fcuk off-it's mine. :D

  6. Bollox and up yours.

  7. Come on lads and lasses, join the throng. Gird your loins, sharpen your wallet and harden your resolve not to let this opportunity of a lifetime pass you by.... Roll up those sleeves: there's no holds barred!

    TM and MS well done boys :clap:
  8. Erm matelot, about that £95 our lass gave you to hand on to me??
  9. It's all yours Cuddles.

  10. Top bidding fellas,

    Just chatted to Rigsby, we're quite happy to write whatever dedication is requested. There were quite a few anecdotes left out of the book due to there being no room for them. I'll write one of them in, in longhand on one of the blank pages.


  11. Does that mean there could be another book?? :headbang:
  12. right, you can all fcuk off. £110 quid. its mine :lol:
  13. its mine i tell you!! I've won!!! :p
  14. Suck my hairy ballbag.