Au Pairs

Check out Norway. A veritable smorgasbord of talent.

For example:

Kristine, 19:

"I am a well-behaved and happy girl. (Bet we could put that right)

Our neighbour kids have always come to our house to play with the dogs and horses or to simply jump on the trampoline, and I love to spend time with them. I will do my best with your kids, play with them and be their friend and big sister, teach them things , but also be strict if needed. Im looking forward to helping you and your family"

Not as much as I'm looking forward to it Love, believe you me. 170 quid to have THAT living in your spare room? Where's my cheque book....
FaceLikeAPingPongBall said:
Bat_Crab said:
FaceLikeAPingPongBall said:
Question is, which one's the ladyboy?
You tease! I didn't search for Thai au pairs, would they be listed under Male or Female?
Well, with the three lovelies you've put it would be lights down, turn around, backdoors kicked in and avoid the front of the neck in case there's an Adams apple there!

You know it makes sense!
Good drills that man!
polar said:
indoubitabley said:
mukhabarat2003 said:
My mate and his ex missus had an au pair from Czechslovakia as it used to be.

He was shagging her stupid twice a day for six-months until his Missus thought to ask why he wasn't paying her any attention, walking out when he truthfully answered.

The au pair is now his missus - she is a real hottie.
Good drills that man.
Isn't that an Army Rumour.... next stage goes like this:

They ex-au pair Mrs has a child and then they decide to get an au-pair ...... you know what comes next

The last I heard was au-pair no 3 had moved but he wasn't banging her (yet) and was still happy with mrs No 3
Not a rumour Polar. The bint doesn't want children full stop. It's been 15 years and he's still being faithful to her - which is pretty good for him.

Good Drills indeed!

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