Au Pairs - HELP!!!

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by dizzy29, Jul 24, 2006.

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    Hi all,
    Me and hubbie are both serving in the Army, we have two kids. The time has now come where we need an Au pair. We are currently in a v.small 3 bed house, DE/HD have said we can get a 4 bed. They have said we need insurance (WAH??? )for the au pair and proof of visa before they give us a house. The visa is not a problem, but I didn't know we had to get insurance. Has anyone else been in this situation and can advise? I was hoping to get moved and the kids settled before the au pair arrives here in september, but the way DE/HD have said it, is basically she has to be here ( squeeze into small box room ) before giving us a 4 bed (I understand this because I know some people would try it on and say they are getting an au pair just to get a bigger house - surely if this was the case and it was found you didn't have an au pair you could be kicked out of your MQ). Sorry to ramble on guys, but its a matter of urgency. Need Au pair in for 14th Sept.

    I have a lady from Mexico (she's got a visa), through an Au pair database called Au pair world. All the agencies want large down payments. It was just the insurance thing that got me.
  2. i think you will find DHE are talking boll-ox. put it down on the form that you get for when you move what you have. I.E. children an so on.
    if you have any problems pm me as my wife is DHE. and will be happy to help in this matter. as M.H.S. have taken over. and they are shite.

  3. Where do MHS fit into getting a larger FQ from DE HD / DHE ?
  4. In the FAQs section of Au Pair world there was a bit about insurance. You will need to ensure that you have cover for her incase she sets fire to the place etc. In other words she is an employee of yours and not covered by normal household insurance.

    Also you will need health insurance as she is not covered by the NHS or MoD! One of the reasons we chose a French girl
  5. I bought employer's liability for ours and also declared her/them as a resident to my house contents insurers. The public liability was about £200 and there was no extra premium for the house contents. We had au-pairs from 1995 to 2001.
  6. Thanks for that, I think I'll do that. Although I thought au pairs aren't classed as employees as no nat ins or tax is paid. :?
  7. Thanks missed the bit under au pair abc!! :oops: Think I might go for another au pair (european) will be easier as we need her to start straight away, less hassle the better!