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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Apr 13, 2011.

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  1. What is it with airborne attached personnel? Sorry kids, but if you wanted to be in a real Parachute regiment, why didn’t you join them? Having the good fortune to be attached to them, or even just being in one of the various “lets stick Airborne after our name” units, then assuming that you are an airborne god by divine right when all you’ve got as back-up is a posting order, well it’s just wankerish, quite frankly.

    Been fortunate to go on the pop a number of times in Aldershot back in the day. A mate was in 1 Para at the time, I was REME and he invited me down for a bevy. Loads of hat banter, as it to be expected, followed by mucho heavy drinking, shagging munters and a kebab. All is well. The only drama’s all night (and there were several, including one tit offering me out while I was having a piss – er, hello, I’m busy) were the gobshite attached personnel who seem to feel they have to big themselves up to reach some unsaid airborne standard, when all they actually needed to do was meet the professional standards of the Para reg themselves, (who by the way were sterling on the piss, nearly REME levels of consumption. Although they did balk at playing freckles, a game a learnt while attached to the RE, another sterling bunch of drinkers.) if you feel that insecure about yourself, why even bother? Real, Para-reg Para’s don’t act like that.

    Not having a pop at the 3 Bn’s of real Para’s here (and I’ll tip my hat to 4 Para who are sending out plenty of bods to help out on ops as well) it’s the various not-actually-a-para-at-all hangers-on that really grip my shit. Bunch of wannabee’s, FFS. If that’s what you wanted to be, why not join them in the first place, instead of taking your core skill then deciding to play soldiers? Airborne VM, you say? Quick, fix that landy before you’re chute deploys…

    It’s not like P coy is even that hard, the friggin PTI course makes grown men cry, and they have to wear a pair of crap blue trousers for evermore. At the end of the day, it’s a four week course with no more phys than a rainy junior breacon in it. Ever wondered why the actual Para’s themselves look down on you? ffs
  2. Epic Fail. Stick to talking about sheds you mind-numbing cunt.
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  3. who rattled your cage? or does it all sound a bit too accurate?
  4. If this site was scratch and sniff, your scent would be a mixture of failure, diesel, doughnuts and badly shaped beret without the slightest whiff of slipstream.

    If your post was an "amusing" windup then you are to comedy as the TA are to PFT success.

    You wretched harold.
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  5. We had a REME Armourer fresh from Aldershot strutting about camp in his Maroon beret, it was swifltly removed by the RSM and replaced with a much sexier Green one, at least he wasn't a complete knob and wore wings he wasn't entitled to though. I can see this thread having more bites than a cookhouse full of fat cunts.
  6. Translated = I feel inadequate :(
  7. someone didnt get the posting they wanted i see...
  8. Or maybe he's hit the nail on the head and all those attached have gone into hiding under their massive misshapen maroon lids.
  9. And there you have it, a detailed account of his 22 years service, the moonheaded REME fuck-knuckle.
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