Attributable Gratuity

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Ex-Drop, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. Hello gents,

    I have been reading this section with interest for many months and it proved a gold mine of information whilst I was going through my Med Discharge from the RAF and subsequent War Pension claim.

    I hope someone will be able to clarify something for me. I was medically discharged in Jul 11 (ironically on the exact same date as I was due to leave the service on my 22 point) and recieved a SIP and 3x Non-attributable lump sum.

    I then applied for a War Pension and a couple weeks ago I found out I had been awarded 50% and just this week I have been told my SIP is now a SAP and therefore Tax-Free.

    Now I have read a number of threads which mention an Attributable Gratuity so I looked it up in the AFPS75 Invaliding leaflet and it states that "In addition, an attributable gratuity, based on rank and degree of disablement is payable, provided that no previous attributable gratuity has been paid"

    Now bearing in mind the lump sum I recieved on discharge was non-attributable, in my eyes that means I should be due another lump sum.

    So I called JPAC this morning, who passed me from pillar to post, Xaffinity, Pensions offiice and then to the Venterans Agency and back again, all dening knowledge of the gratuity and informing me 'its nothing to do with us' and passing the buck each time. Even though its in black and white on page 15 no one had a clue what I was on about, but ended in saying we will look in to and get back to you within 2 weeks. Argh!

    Presuming I am not mad and haven't misread something, can anyone who has experence of this cast any light on if it actually exsists and why it's so hard to get a knowledgeable answer from SPVA?

  2. Hi
    My hubby was discharged july 2011, and was awarded a war pension in January. We requested his welfare worker to come and talk through what next - she is linked with norcross SPVA. We were told that as the war pension is now payable we will be automatically be considered by glasgow SPVA for attributable benefits scheme (AFAB) - this being a yearly lump sum, also the war pension is now tax free. We received a letter on 1/2/12 from glasgow saying he is not entitled but we can appeal - no guessing what we are doing now.

    Apparently the war pension is judged on the army having to prove it wasnt their fault, whilst the AFAB is only paid if you can prove it is the armys fault.

    So in answer to your query - yes it does exist and is paid from SPVA glasgow, not norcross. Your welfare worker (sorry cant remember the formal name) is assigned to you when you are discharged and will give you info on additional things you should claim - allowance for lower standards of occupation and motability amongst other things.

    I hope this makes sense - not a great deal of info found online about it - and I have looked!!

    Good luck
  3. This issue is really for the Royal British Legion but, as I have a copy of the pension codes in front of me, I can confirm that their is a table for attributable gratuities. The pension codes are on the MOD website and the table is on page 12 at Annex D.

    Good luck.
  4. this is what i have does exist and your wp must be above 20% (in other words - your PIC must be attributable to service under your pension scheme, AFPS 75, (invalided out, given a sip, becomes sap and auto consideration for wp), if wp awarded attributable to service above 20% then AFAB, still not sure how they work out if you get a lump sum payment, an annual payment or both......................
  5. Hi I know this is an old thread but I'm pretty much in exactly the same place as you were down to the 30%. I was just wondering what the outcome was and who you actually got any sense from (if anybody) in the end. TIA