Attractive Ladies and Motorcycles

Any fit female riding either a KTM or Triumph usually does it for me.

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I was married to one for 30 years. Passed her full test at 18. Last bike was a 500 Suzuki
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Here's a nice bird on a bike.

Yes another Fit Bird thread but I`m sure most will think it`s worth it.....

I would've said that we had enough totty threads as it is, but as I like both motorcycles & attractive women the combination is irresistable, so have an "excellent topic," my good man.

This thread should cater for all tastes .....

On second thoughts maybe I should withdraw that "excellent topic." Come on, "best of" please.

It won't take long for changing gears to become painful while wearing those shoes. :O
No photo, but about 3 months back here in Hong Kong I saw a trim 50'ish Chinese lady in leathers on her Harley Sportster.
Mica Bazan

About the pick of the bunch when it comes to riders...however...we do have the start line ladies.

Yes another Fit Bird thread but I`m sure most will think it`s worth it.....

Jesus yes to all. I dabbled with bikes in my youth and realised I would die on anything over 250cc. (actually 125cc would have done it). Love lasses on bikes, especially those still with all their bits.
Now I just rebuild them for folks who want a classic or wash the blood off a newer one and straighten out the chrome bits on others and sell em.
@W P it looks like she’s got crash protectors on the bike. Not a good idea, in my opinion, unless you’re going to drop it at slow speed / stop.

And those boots don’t look very practical, can’t imagine doing a clutchless upshift wearing those

Plus I’d look a bit odd turning up at the Ace Cafe wearing them- I don’t have the body or the gender.

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