Attorney General aids Kelly Coverup

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whet, Jun 9, 2011.

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  1. After investigation the Attorney General concludes that there is nothing untoward in the David Kelly affair.

    What is a conservative minister doing covering up for the dastardly Blair? Is he a Labour mole or are the letter writing doctors just conspiracy theorists writ not so large?

    BBC News - Attorney general rules against Dr David Kelly inquest
  2. The attorney general is a total wste of space..."There are non so Blind as those who WILL not see, nor so DEAF they Will not hear".

    Lets see if this goes to a judicial review. I know it is a cover up, you all know its a cover up, the whole fecking interested world knows its a cover up, so whats wrong with our so called government apparatchiks.

    I rest my case M'lud.
  3. I know it's a cover up?

    First I knew that I knew that.
  4. For once Whet, I am in total agreement with you.

    This is the turd you can't just flush away, it'll keep bobbing back up to the surface.
  5. I am also in total agreement with Whet,

    check out the weasel words

    David Kelly inquest ruled out by Attorney General - Telegraph

    I am not a Lawyer but surely the Attorney General should not be saying that it could only be suicide in such a determined manner.

    As Manley says we and the whole World knows that it aint so.

    Any confidence I had in the Govt has now collapsed; meet the new boss.....

  6. Is someone else being ironic here or didn't he spot the irony in my post.

    the Attorney General can say that because he spoke with everyone concerned. Whilst the bloke didn't cover all the ground in his statement, he did put his findings in the Parliamentary library so if you really feel that it 'ain't so' then ask your MP to read it and then report back to you.
  7. To summarise, Whet's opinion is that all Tories are useless ***** unless they agree with their Labour predecessors. In which case they are heros regardless of issue.

    The sorry part of this is how politicians, once in power never want to expose their predecessors or un-do the wrongs they have done. Hence the number of failed politicians and their policies that are allowed to continue doing damage to the country despite changes in government.
  8. My bold

    Not true, not true at all. As I have said before, when a government or individual says or does something I agree with I say so - no matter which party he or she is. For instance, it was a good thing to ditch the ID card

    It's just that this so rarely happens on the blue side of the house.
  9. I knew that Manley knew that you know. Everyone knows.

    A shameless and transparent cover up. RIP Mr. Kelly.
  10. yeah, the previous government were full of good ideas, along with your tribe of low-lives.

    I wonder why none of them could get a majority.