ATTN women - Do you find Sean Slater off Eastenders fit?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Lord_Of_All_The_Chimps, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. Because all the girls I've spoke to desperately want to shag him.

    But I want to know why? He's ginger.
  2. I've since died my hair. I'm now black and black.
  3. you utter prat!
    bradly is the ginger one

    oh and this is the most pointless thread ever.

    please kill yourself
  4. There is more than one ginger in Stenders. And Sean is one of them.
  5. still why open a thread as pathetic as this?

    if there are any mods out there please label this guy with a befitting title and close this thread,
  6. I can't remember what pic I posted. I will try and find a new funny one and post it claiming it's me soon.

    I have to say Jarrod you could write my biography. You are like an expert on all things Chimpy. You know more about what i did on here than I do.
  7. Fit as feck, I wouldn't shag it though. He is a walt.
  8. try a pic of a nice steamy turd, suits you
  9. Hey I obviously did enough to leave this impression on you. Innit sunshine!
  10. Sean Slater is not for me its not that he as ginger hair because i do think some ginger guys are handsome .

    Sean Slater as a really bad attitude , I prefer the Max Beasley type who is cute and as a really good attitude
  11. Ok Kn0b, it must be way past your fcuking bedtime now little cadet boy who puts a picture of a capbadge on his AVATOR and uses a rank he could only dream of. Chimpy, Chumpy or what ever he calls himself this time is renowned for shit but occassionally interesting threads, where as you are just an annoying wanna be Chav who's just about reached pubity. Fcuk off onto a street corner with a spliff and bottle of cider for the night and beat up OAP's like the rest of your age group and when your old enough to drink in the NAAFI you can buy us all a round. Mines a Johns Smiths.
    Gotta stop having these Friday afternoon beers Im going to turn out like Gunny and Biccies at this rate :D
  12. getting back to the subject in hand

    OH GOOD GOD YES!!!! And he's NOT ginger,he's strawberry blonde
  13. But you would though, wouldn't ya?
  14. I think you'll find he is
    Shades of the jungle number 4 urangatan!
  15. if you dipped the boy in dog-shit,rolled him in Marmite and covered his willy in used cat litter....i'd STILL lick it off him!!!