Attn Sven: Brown to match unemployed with jobs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. Attn Sven and all other bone-idle numpties enjoying a good scrounge of the state...

    On second reading, it seems you have an opt out Sven (see highlighting above). Just claim you don't want a job!!! :x
  2. How dare you sir! Dear old Sven's disabled don't you know?

    What Gordo actually said was 'We will ensure that those who can work will work.' But that was 10 years ago and since then National Audit Office has declared that the number of people who are 'economically inactive' has risen to the highest level since records began in 1971.

    Unemployment is now higher than it ever was under Thatcher in the 80s. 33% of households depend on benefits for most of their income and 21% of the working age population are wholly dependent on benefits.

    'Record low unemployment' my arrse.
  3. Why work when you can get paid for being idle ? Good deal for the unemployed not so good for the tax payer who has to foot the bill. As the UK economy isnt doing real well there are fewer jobs to be had. The problem isnt confined to the UK but is found across Europe.
  4. It's a bit more serious in the UK. One third of the population get most of their income from benefits. We also have a hugely bloated public sector. About 20% of the working population work for the government.

    We're rapidly heading for a situation where half of the population are dependent on the tax paid by the other half. Our welfare expenditure is currently about the same as out health expenditure and our education expenditure combined.

    This can't go on and, when the revolution comes, I'll be too old to take part. :(
  5. Wonder how many they will match up as suitable for employment in the military?

    With mongs like that Melvin cnut who popped up in the infantry forum the other day theres gotta be a fair few knocking about with experience brassing people up...
  7. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Watching the history channel t'other day
    It seeems in the '30's there was this German leader
    He promised to get the unemployed off their arrses (road building etc)
    He promised to build more prisons (the translator called them 'camps' must have lost something off the German translation) where he was going to send all undesirables to
    He was going to sort the inflation rate and the money out
    He was going to get the factories back to full employment
    Education,education,education for everyone
    He was going to sort out those crazy religious nutters who arrived at their borders and demanded access to everything and they wanted to build there own churches etc
    Give me 10 years and you won't recognise this country he said.

    Then it seems it all went a bit pete tong for him.............

    He allied himself with a country thousands of miles away and dragged loads of little allies along with him although they just soaked up the rewards and contributed very little to the operations they were on
    He invaded a sovereign country under a stupid pretence
    He let the human rights brigade look at his camps
    He tried to control state radio and TV
    He employed a spin doctor to bury bad news( along with anyone who believed the bad news)
    As it started to go wrong he blamed everyone but himself (he would have got away with it if it hadn't been for that pesky Kaiser)
    He then handed over power to a mate blamed him for fukcing it all up and despite being offered a roving ambassadors job in South America he did the decent thing and shot his ugly free boating wife and then himself

    A little bit of history repeating itself???? :(
  8. Spot on A_M. Its people like me (good old fashioned capitalist) who provides the jobs and actually creates something called wealth. Unfortunately we are despised by New Labour even though our taxes fund the bloated beast of the Public Sector and Benefits. It won't take much for me to shut up shop and disappear abroad.

    Edited to add I've never employed anyone direct from the dole queue. What we need is skilled employees with a willingness to graft. Few and far between these days! The quality of school leavers for apprenticeships is dire. Seems everyone thinks they are owed a living these days (and a lift to work if they can't drive).
  9. Not quite fewer jobs, just fewer jobs that actually make it worth your while getting out of bed!
  10. But what about 'education,education,education'. With the massive expansion of university education, how can you claim that there's a shortage of skilled employees?

    As an employer, you must have applicants queueing up and waving their degrees in Surf Management (Link), dancing (Link) and, of course, media studies. They may have failed their A-levels. They may struggle a bit with reading and writing. But that doesn't matter as they've got the increasingly ubiquitous first class honours degree that proves they are highly educated. Innit?
  11. Ahh, if only... You could fit quite a few cyanide pills in that gob! :twisted:
  12. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

  13. To start with try and find these politicians a proper job,didnt Prescott get paid for nearly a year to do fcuk all. Secondly to stop the generation of dole scroungers continuing the family trait, no benefits unless you have paid taxes for at least 2 years of your life... to include scrounging students.
    Get the apprentice schemes runnning properly again with a decent start off wage provided by the government and industry to get good trade skills and we then might be able to employ British tradesmen rather than importing.
  14. That's what I call the conning of a generation aka the dumbing down of education. My Maths O level is the equivalent of today's A level. Kids today all want to work in IT - god forbid you should get your hands dirty.
  15. I'm struggling to find an apprentice for this year. The pay is crap to start with but I have to invest my skilled staff's time to wet nurse them. You've got to start at the bottom and unfortunately we have a generation of 16 year olds who think sweeping up and making brew is beneath them. I have one lad who is 21 I employ as a labourer on just above minimum wage - if he can frame I might pay for him to attend college in his own time. Unfortunately I've done this before and it has backfired costing me time and money.