Attn: Smartascarrots - Chinese National Day

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. Anything interesting in the parade?
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Tricky to answer I would have thought - aren't the proles banned from the parade?
  3. As someone living in China, I can tell you everyone is parading about, the streets are packed and everywhere is heaving with the noise and bustle that only the Chinese can make. All markets and supermarkets are log jammed as people prepare the celebration dinners - we've been invited to 4 so far...Should be a good night...
  4. Well Hans, go easy on the 'gambais' with the rice wine. One of the most fearsome hangovers I've ever had was after a banquet with some university professors who all wanted to drink the gweilo under the table!
  5. No problem Andy, I don't drink! Mind you, what they call rice wine tastes and smells like perfumed moonshine but western booze is cheap here - at least in Western terms.
    I will concentrate on the food, the maid has just brought a large duck into the apartment, its quacking away on the kitchen balcony so I suspect I'll have to 'take care' of it before lunch tomorrow...
  6. A fairly extensive display by the PLA

    Quick spotter question

    questionable cam

    If the caption is correct then these vehicles would be on "the shore" which would seem to make the cam pretty useless.

    Can any spotters out there enlighten me?
  7. Good job this isn't the NAAFI... are you sure that maid isn't MDN in his cross dressing gear? :D
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The maid or the duck?
  9. Yep, one biggie for me. Hu was wearing a Mao suit - a standard symbol for leaders wanting to show their association with the PLA.

    What with Xi Jinping not being named as head of the Central Military Commission at the last Party Congress, this pretty much seals it for me that he's not the total shoe-in for the Presidency everyone seems to assume. Even if he gets it, it looks likely that Hu will retain Chairmanship of the CMC in much the same way as Deng did with Hu Yaobang and remain an Eminence Grise. That's bloody good news for China, IMO, and probably for us too.

    Another one was that Jiang was on pretty prominent display as well. A few years back, Hu went after the Jiang 'Shanghai Faction' by sacking the then Health Minister, a pretty incompetent quack who happened to be a Jiang associate. Willy Lam described it as 'throwing a live grenade into their sitting room' and it was pretty much a declaration of open war between Hu's reform-minded Youth League faction and the Shanghai clique. I'd read this as a bone thrown to Jiang to get him to admit defeat.
  10. What I saw of it looked very impressive.They had lots of shiney things and were all in step and everything.
  11. Seems daft at first, but I'd imagine they have to be camouflaged from ships at sea from quite a distance. Perhaps they're slated for siting against the backdrop of grey cliffs?

    Don't forget, we used to have bright pink recon spitfires and pink landys because those turned out to be the most effective colours. The best camouflage isn't always the most obvious colour or combination of colours.

    *edited once for brain fart.
  12. It's a dodgy piece of translation, that's all. They're more properly referred to as anti-ship missiles. They don't actually have to be on the shore, just anywhere the launchers can get within range of the target.

    The same weapons could be mounted on ships or theoretically even air-delivered with some modification.