Despite your rather obsessive anti-Americanism, I though I would say this.

I do not agree with your country's actions in South Ossetia. I think this was timed simply to 'piss on China's chips'. But I know you are a Patriot (something we in England are sadly short of) and a soldier. Whatever the politics of any given situation, no one, anywhere, ever, has doubted the courage and tenacity of the Russian soldier. Anyone who has, has learned a very costly lesson.

Sergey, wherever you are, this is for you:
Sad to say but the Ruskies national anthem always sends a cold chill up and down the old spine inspite of the fact that I have no clue what the words mean.

Makes me want to grab a 1900 bolt action rifle and charge a main battle tank.

Best national song in the world.

Other than mine, of course.
A piece of trivia I found fascinating when I heard it: apparently the Russian Empire never had a national anthem, just personal anthems for each Tsar. One of them even shared the tune to '"God Save the Queen". Must have made life interesting at diplomatic bunfights.

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