Attn: Sergey! Russias Banal Reality

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. Well, Andy. Let's read the article together

    So, do you mean that Russia is in more preferable position than many other leading economies?
  2. Bear in mind that this being the Telegraph the article is very likely to be heavily biased against Russia and especially Putin.

    It's a recession. Everyone's having some problems.
  3. And of course the liberation of Iraq was backed by mr.Bout's planes

  4. Some cogs might haved turned slower than we would have wished there Sergey, but they do turn.
  5. Russia has massive reserves of oil and minerals.
    To bring these resources into use very high investment is required.
    Now I agree before Sergey tells me that Yeltsin sold off so much of Russia's State wealth for too small a price when he brought the old Soviet Empire into the modern world.
    My Hero Vlad has tried to recover much of the wealth, however the methods used where not what 'We' of the western world expect from a modern state.
    Where oh where will the great investment come from. For come it must or Russia will sink back into the quagmire of Soviet Totalitarianism.
    Totalitarianism, used just to piss off our Yankee comrades who are unaware of words with more then three syllables.
  6. Alas, by contrast some 'cogs' in Russia require 'oiling' to turn even slowly. And the majority of 'cogs' are corrupted.

    Returning to the article proposed by our friend Andy I would like to say that the author likely is unaware about Russian realities.
  7. I think its important to realise that the noisy rhetoric reserved for the internal populace - who are quite rightly a bit p1ssed off at being fcuked over right, left and centre by the oligarchs - is not the same quiet diplomacy used in other places.
  8. I love this adage from the article

    "Russia is never as strong as she looks: Russia is never as weak as she looks. "

    I have worked with a few Russians in the past and I do remember more than one of them saying this to me.
  9. All these "Russia is DOOOOMED! It's about to be wiped off the map!!!" (from one of the "experts" who wrote it in 2006 if memory serves me right) remind me of a saying: "Our neighbour lost a dog. Even though it's not a big tragedy it make us feel better..."

    What do you try to prove with such articles? That Russia feels the effects of the unfolding crisis? Yes, it does, would be strange if it didn't! That Russia is in a deeper sh*t than the West? Well, it isn't. That Russia suppose to conform to "the methods" that "'We' of the western world expect from a modern state"? Didn't this (and the previous Great Depression) crisis originate in "the western world"? Perhaps, "the western world" should get off its high horse and accept the reality: standards, methods and expectations of "the western world" aren't a dogma.
  10. You've clearly never lost a dog :D

    This isn't for the most part about shadenfraud. The problem is when it comes back to bite us. Russia isn't going to do anything to us unless those in the Kremlin panic, but the place itself will at some point during this century become politically, socially and militarily unviable. And it isn't like the DRC or Somalia - we can't just ignore it. The ultimate solution is going to to have to be some kind of grand bargin in which the West will garantee Russia's external and internal cohesion, most likely involving Russia in the EU and whatever passes for NATO in 2050. Until then though, we have every interest in making sure everything doesn't implode for the third time in the last 100 years, and the best way to do that is to ensure an accountable government in power - not the oil addicted neo-personality cult we have now.
  11. Coloured revolution? :D

    The best way is to let people of THAT PARTICULAR COUNTRY (Russia or any other) decide what SUITS THEM!!!!!

    Isn't it what democracy is all about? :wink:
  12. Tell me - with a straight face - that if Putin had endorsed his chauffeur as his successor before the 2008 election, that he wouldn't have been elected President.