Attn SERGEY! Glonass a waste of space (literally)?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, May 1, 2007.

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  1. Andy, if Putin said it, Glonass will work and Taiwanese, Chinese ans so on producers will make millions of bi-system (GPS & Glonass) receivers. And many customers would prefer to have such bi-system receivers. While GPS is very reliable it could be turned off at any moment. Glonass would make such an operation senseless.

    So many countries would use GPS in military operations, sometimes maybe even against USA. Ironically, USA would not have any means to prevent it.

    Also commercial GPS system intentionally doesn't determine coordinates with highest precision (it is not technical but rather political matter). And unlikely this feature will be changed. By contrast Glonass (again for political reasons) could propose high precision positioning. It would stimulate produsing of bi-system receivers as well.

    As for 'Galileo', then it is unclear when it would workable (if it ever happen).
  2. Methinks you are a trifle behind the times, SA was switched off several years ago so standard precission GPS is available worldwide, even in Russia. This was done when it was realised that commercia differential GPS was not only available but becoming affordable. In the US WAAS has been operating for several years and the a European counterpart EGNOS is also operational, thies systems give better than 10 metre accuracy typically 2 metre. WAAS and EGNOS are acessible from most modern commercial recievers so available to all users.

    Just when will GLONAAS catch up, it seems to have been promised for many years but never quite made it.
  3. However all systems you have mentioned (except Glonass) are based on American satelite equipment. And precision can be turned off (or harmed) at any moment.
  4. And the same will not apply to GLONASS or any other system, at the end of the day whatever system you use will be at the whim of the supplier. Is Mr Putin any more relable than the Shrub.

  5. Hi Peter!

    i agree that mr.Putin is not as much reliable as Swiss banks. However, I doubt that our American friends would close they (successfull from all points of view) GPS project. If you have two independent sources it is much more comfortable situation than monopoly of one.
  6. I would propose that the growing reliance of the US civil aviation on GPS is probably the wolds best guarantee of continuing service, and perhaps the possible availability of competing services may in reality make the security on one individual supplier lower than the reliability of the present monopoly.

    PS when is GLONASS going to come on stream, might it beat Galileo

  7. The fate of Galileo is dim in this context. The main reasons to develop it were close (if not the same) to the reasons to have Glonass in rear pocket.

    Russia has own reason to have civil positioning system fully independent from GPS. So whatever would be said Glonass will work in the near future.

    As for civil aviation then likely worldwide GPS would be the main system and Glonass would be used as an additional test (not bad anyway). In the case then both systems would show different results it would be only helpfull to analyse the cause.

    Suppose that new generation of American equipment would contain a bug (an error in software). Probability of this situation is extremely low but not zero. Bi-source systems would be a good solution to avoid any (even very small) risk.
  8. Today pres.Putin signed an order that makes usage of GLONASS cost-free for any user.

    Sorry, it's in Russian

    What would be the next step? What if cost-free Linux would be supported by Russia (I mean funding of its development)? Then Bill Gates would have some problems.