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loopy25 said:
i was approached to come on here and post for what its worth.

well firstly yes the daily mail, can and do make things up to make things seem worse than they really are. BUT as my husband is in hedley court being treated after a mine explosion that has left him a tetrapelgic i have a different side and knowledge into this subject.
the daily mail have been to hedley court a few times since my husband has being going there, which is about 11 months now. they praise and acknowledge the work that is done to help our men.

my husbands occupational therapist went to veiw these house, to decide which one would work and be best suited. this house was the one decided.

And i think the residents of this estate, should be ashamed of themselves. this house will be used by people like myself so that a dad who has pretty much had his life ruined by afghan, be reunited with his children during his time at hedley court. i think its the least the army and the country can give a man who has given 20yrs of his life to be the best solider he could be!
my husband has recently been able to get a car and drive again, so he can get his own way to hedley court from somerset. but as a man who cant even walk properly driving is hard work and sometimes to much this house will give him the chance to be with his family whilst also trying toget better.

the night i got that knock on that door, was the start of the worst nightmare that can possible happen. the army have been pretty pathetic with help and support that they have offered me and my family, yet hearing that they have tried to get this house for familys starts to make me have some faith in them again only for it to be ruined by pathetic snobs who cant see past the end of their big fat wallets.!

hedley court is a place that is so over filled with patients that they have had to build another ward just to help the over crowding bed space.

the comment of why cant it be built in hedley court well i have an answer for that too. my daughter is 7 yrs old and a few months ago i had to drive up to pick my husband up from hedley court, she witnessed things that devestated her. men who are missing arms, legs, parts of their heads, eyes wheelchairs! this sint what a 7yr old and a 4 yr old should have to be around just because they want to be with their daddy.

im shocked and disappointed that residents of uk would try to block this, as if it wasnt for my husband and other army men and women the terror threat would all be mroe real!

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