Attn Anyone connected with the BAFF website

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MilitaryWatches, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. Guys

    I have been trying to access your website since last week and still cannot get on to serve a banner on All I get is a blank page (as I did last week) and a traceroute is still showing dropout.

    Are you suffering from a technical issue? Are some UK ISP's blocking your site? Are you currently subject to a Denial of Service attack?

    Once you have it resolved if you would be kind enough to PM me then I will put a banner up.

    Sorry to put this in an open forum but I don't know who is the best person to contact and I did promise you a banner :D

  2. try:

    both these links work for me.

    edited to add:

    you can always right click on the BAFF banner on my signature block and save to your machine then upload to your site - then just add link to the image with html, xml etc.
    hope this helps.
    adn fro spellnig!
  3. trying clearing your cookies just incase
  4. Tried and it still comes up blank. The menu at the top works as it links to Home.html However on the actual home page (Home.html) the Home link there is looking for an index.html or index.htm

    index.html is physically a blank page and index.htm is missing.

    I have just looked and there is a meta refresh in the index.html page to Home.html which is causing the problem on some browsers.

    I think they need to put the full url starting http:// in the meta refresh not just the page name.
  5. Thanks for letting us know. We are aware of the problem, and are working on it.
  6. You are welcome.

    BTW your banner is now live on our index page at scroll down and you will see yours appears under the others. It is linked to Home.html so please let me know if you change that url.
  7. Thanks for that, MW. The BAFF website was reconfigured in late November and has been regularly added to since then, with plenty more to follow in 2008. The current emphasis is on text and information with a minimum of graphics, to make the site easier to access from overseas deployments. A future website is being planned, but the web address will remain unchanged.

    Ref the url, Home.html is now a redirect. It works fine, but we now recommend changing links to the simpler, root url:

    Thanks for the link!


    BAFF - British Armed Forces Federation