Attitudes to politicians

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Shotgun, Oct 13, 2003.

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  1. I know I give the impression of being part of the anti-war groupies, but I'm not. The 'other' site, where septics apparently have group hugs while telling themselves they always do the right thing, shows there is a fundamental difference in sherman and brit military attitudes to their politicians and what they do/say.

    We Brits have always had a cynical side and don't blindly follow where the top man leads, and we always question authority, command and the reasons we do what we do, while at the same time doing what we're told. To me this is healthy for what we're supposed to be and why we joined the military in the first place.

    Sorry it's a bit long winded, but here's what I posted on another forum:

    Most of this, obviously, is aimed at the pro-war lobby of the US as they are the ones who led this, and they are the ones who are desperately trying rationalise the whole thing.

    IMO, you can be against a war and still be a supporter of the military, and still be a supporter of pre-emptive action, but please, don't be a fcking lemming and just follow whatever shyte is trotted out as justification to lay your life down. :lol:
  2. I disagree, although not with the general tone of your post. We do not do these things. We tend to have people in and under command who think along the same channels as we do, and so when a decision is made and an order given, there is little reason to question it. We do, however, also occasionally disagree with decisions made at the political level of command, which is very healthy.