Attitude of young soliders these days!


Have you noticed the attitude of the young soliders these days?

well i have, they don't give a f**k, and generally can't be bothered.

If they spent more time on doing what there told rather than complaining that there hard done too they'd get the work done and get praised for it.

i'm old school and no-doubt like most of you which are old school, when you was a red arse you'd think twice on back-chatting or offering a senior rank out (for a fight).

These days all they seem to do is say f**k that why should i do that or you can't make me do that. Well i wouldn't ask a younger soldier to do anything that i couldn't or haven't done myself.

Is this the solider 2000? well if it is what will the army come too?  
think that sums up the youth of today full stop

the schools are soft
the ATRs are soft

result we get second rate recruits who get wrapped in cotton wool and are then no use to field units

i'm not saying that we should resort to "bullying" but i think that the basic training should be harder than it is to turf out the undesirables


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Hmm, I think I heard this once before, when I stepped of the army buss in 86 at Hohne from Basic Training, and the duty ROS was moaning to the Gd Comd about the standard of recruits the were getting nowadays!! ;)


Bring back the Birch!!!!


I got the same complaint aimed at me in '75 of how useless the youth of today are... but at least my life had some action that wasn't brought by "playstation" any of you young'uns know about playing footie or rugby that does not require a control pad ( he says typing out on a PC - hypocrite, ain't I), or what respect actually means?  who writes to mummy cause the bad cpl shouted at me today!!

this is generalisations here btw as I know not all are like I am describing


its a shame that gone are the days when you could say......


god i miss those days!  ;)


Nowadays if you say that the little buggers swing for you  ??? Whats all that about...............thats if you can can get them out of their rooms and away from the playstations, packets of crisps, coca-cola and of course those horrible jars of cockles  :p


I'm afraid that the soldiers of today reflect the youth of today and the attitudes of todays youth are the result of a long, slow degrading of morale and social standards.

I can trace the decline back to such landmark events such as the banning of corporal punishment.  Obviously, it probably goes back further but that one event sticks in my mind.

When I was at school, even the hardest of 'Lads' quaked in front of the headmaster.  Most of the teachers were crusty old men who instilled fear in all of the pupils.  Disobedience was rewarded with 'A sound thrashing'.  Nowadays the little scrotes are free to beat up teachers as they please.  However, if the shoe was on the other foot, the teacher is instantly dismissed.  How can kids have respect for authority in a society like this.  There is little respect for the police either and criminals seem to have more rights than that of their victims.

A lot of the youth of today have no respect for authority instilled in them from an early age.  With the more relaxed basic training now, how can we expect to instill discipline and respect for rank and authority.

We are fighting a losing battle unfortunately and I cannot see a solution presenting itself in the near future.  There are still a few good 'kids' coming through though, so maybe we should concentrate our efforts on developing them and use the wasters for brew bitches or suchlike.  Maybe they will get the massage and bugger off!

I tend to agree with all that has been said here I joined the army nearly 15 years ago and left, I rejoined 6 years after getting out to have to go through basic training again to discover the little darlings could get away with murder and are pampered by there section commanders.
Also this little f**kwits turn up to phase 2 and to there new working unit thinking they are the cream of the crop, I wouldnt dare speak to a senior prtivate in my day let alone gob off to them bring back beatings and public humiliation to bring these scrotes into line.
Sorry we cant call it that we need character building lessons  ;D ;D ;D


This problem is not confined to the Army.
I agree with all the comments about today’s Yoof.

I see it all the time in my own profession – hell, I have been a nurse for the past 24 years – what the F*** do I possibly know about ANYTHING that pertains to the care of a sick person and the smooth running of a busy, stressful ward environment.

This attitude is multiplied 10 fold by foreigners that come over to the UK to do their nurse training, respect has completely vanished and one has to work for a long time with these wannabees to actually earn a small amount of it.
They don’t turn up for shifts, sit at the desk – because they have been deemed supernumerary to staffing numbers, ignore you if you ask them to do something – I did actually question whether one student nurse had hearing difficulties recently!
They even speak in their own language in front of you, despite the fact that it completely against our ‘Code of Conduct’ to do so….and when that fact is pointed out one actually argued and one said ‘No-one will stop me from speaking in my mother tongue.’
It had to be explained by someone from their ‘own’ country before the comment was taken onboard.
What they cannot seem to understand is that it is bad manners apart from anything else. Some of them can hardly string 2 words of English together so lack communication skills big time.

And don’t talk to me about when they come on the wards to work as Healthcare Assistants, they should be there to work, but no, a Role Conflict occurs big time!
By the way, I am not racist; some of my oldest friends are from other countries!

When discussing the ‘problem’ with a fellow professional she said ‘I agree with your comments, but, we are Old School.’
I don’t see it as that I see it as having respect for my fellow professional and their degree of experience and knowledge.

Having worked in the South of England for a couple of years, and now back North, I can say that the problem seems worse in the South.

I was so sick of it I left the NHS and now work for an Agency – do the job and go home without getting involved in the politics of it.
And I now have BUPA cover.

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true true i am working in a multinational enviroment and seem to be having the same type of problems but none of them seem  to be quite as bad as the majority of the playstation generation that we have now. god just saying it makes me feel old


You lot sound like my Dad when I joined up! If they are that bad, then sort them! If you aint got the balls to sort them then stop moaning.
You have got me sounding like my Dad now!
Probably because that form of management would also apply to you.... and u would be the first to bleat!
listen you buch of whinging twats, ive been in the army for 9 years not old school yet not quite a sprog, whats the point of going back to "taking someone round the back of a 4 tonner" its not the army its the way the world is going RESPECT is not something you are given for spending a certain amount of time in a job you earn respect from proffesionalism, if your man managment skills are so poor that you dont know how to handle the way the world is going maybe its about time you thought af a career change, notice all the people that think this are about 16 year sgts maybe its you stinkin attitude thats making you take a century to go through the ranks, also the chances are your a tps sgt, if you have a youb guy in your tp who has a problem you should be able to assist and help him, but how can they approach you with an attitude like that the chance is theyl skip the chain of command and go elsewhere, do you think thats the way the army should be.  The type of person that believes this is the type of person that had chewing gum put in their hair at school, and their dinner money taken off them, you want to hit them to build your own self esteem, i just hope your CO takes you " round the back of a four tonner".  get over it and concentrate on developing your man managment skills, then the army will be a better place. remember it not the youth of today its the losers that are stuck in their ways and dont have the ability to adapt
And after spanking the oral sex! ;D

(Well it worked for the vestal nuns in "The holy Grail"!)

Shame us

Main problem is - every knows their 'rights', post-HRA, but no one's prepared to accept their responsibilities...

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