Attitude of crows

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by SnakeBite, Nov 26, 2003.

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  1. Yes, i am in a well disciplined regiment

  2. Sort of, i have to get senior rank backing to bollock someone

  3. No, the crows get away with everything

  1. With the standard of crows getting worse by the minute, do you feel its often worthless wearing your rank? As long as you get paid the same.

    You cant yell at them
    You cant charge them
    You cant do a bloody thing to them

    Where is the line drawn? Its all too PC nowadays. Should we still be using the method of "drying room interviews" to sort out mingers and thieving bastards in the block? Or shall we just put up with it, and let the wasters that seem to be getting in run riot?
  2. As someone who went through Depot Para in the early 80's I can vouch for the punch first think later training method from first hand experiance.

    Did they work........yes (you tend not to make the same mistake twice)
    Were they correct ..........probably not
    Did the staff give a
    Was the end product any better or worse.........hard to say

    It was interesting to note the positive comments from many people posting here after TELIC 1 reference the standards of the 'crows' when under operational conditions. They appeared to stand up to the test.

    For me and the guys I trained with the beastings were expected so we were prepared (as much as you can be) for when they happened. Whether a plt of new recruits would put up with it today is another matter.
  3. Good to hear of the tales of new guys responding under extreme pressure on Telic.

    But after a bit of digging i feel that the concerns of my thread are more aimed at the support regiments, as the teeth arms have pretty much got a grip of themselves.

    I have lived on both sides of the fence, and i personally subscribe to the method of "round the back, slap!, yep, won't do that again". But support arms today have become so undisciplined that the nigs run riot and get away with everything.

    I envy those of you who have the fortune to serve with operational teeth arm regiments, where even the newest guys realise the importance of discipline.
  4. Snake, what do you mean by 'undisciplined that the nigs run riot and get away with everything.' ?

    Just asking as a devils advocate.

    Are we witnessing a real break down or just doing the usual 'in my day...'?

    Proof of the pudding comes when the job needs doing??
  5. One of the problems (particularly the RLC) face is that almost constant media scrutiny has forced the depot and regts to become ultra PC. When sprogs go on CO's orders with civvy lawyer in tow and walk off scott free because the lawyer ties the CO up in such legal knots then it's not hard to see where it's all going to end. SNCO's and JNCO's are almost powerless to do anything when the threat of demotion\legal action can hang over their head from a 19 year old scrote who learnt many years ago that he\she has more rights than their seniors and is not afraid to excercise the fact.
  6. To qualify this thread, i speak as someone who is now dealing with entry-level crows, whilst halfway through my army service.

    Speedy: you have hit the nail on the head:
    Its a bloody nightmare. And the trouble is, half the time their "rights" arent even known to them, they just get away with it because the army wants to hang on to the "new generation" of recruits. Who are mostly unfit *******, i might add.

    I am currently involved in recruit training, and i long since gave up the hope of charging even the worst nig imaginable, because the PC hierarchy would stop me and then mark me down on my CR for being provocative(or some shite excuse)

    The trouble is, when these guys get cuddled through training, they get a f*cking huge shock when they get to a regiment.

    And a lot of them need that shock.
  7. I remember a Bos tour in '97. It was summer, based in Split (Dalma) and as about as relaxed as you could get it. Access to the harbour and nice bars and sunbathing spots by the sea so the tour was a holiday. All my section had to do was transport fuel on MWD takners from split to BFI 1 at Lipa. Halfway through the tour they sent sprogs straight from training to join us. They went to pieces. They were completely to bring their standards up to our 'holiday' mode laxness. It used to be that training was so hard that when you reached your unit it seemed like total bliss. Now it is the reverse. Training has reaced such low standards due to outside interferance that most crows cannot hack it when they arrive at a working unit.

    P.S. To all other arms. Split in summer is lovely, but RLC operational bases are hardly ever like that.
    It was nice though.
  8. I think that they should bring back some of the old traditions. Regimental baths, duty punchbag, gives us yer fags and dosh crow, hanging crows between two lockers by a broom handle shoved in one sleeve and out the other, swamping the crows bed and setting fire to his civvies, dangling crows from 3rd storey windows and letting them go to see if they can fly.

    Character building stuff.
  9. My Hero.

    I couldnt agree more
  10. Well, if it was good enough for me....... :twisted:
  11. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Looks like you were Mr Popular with your mates :twisted:
  12. As none of my mates were crows, I probably was.
  13. you lot need to sort your lifes out the JNCO'S are just as weak as the Tom's at the moment
  14. Then thats the fault of the SNCOs. They should be setting the example by bullying Lance Jacks and making Full Screws pay 'protection money'.

    The Army just isn't fun anymore.
  15. Too right I'm all for filling in the bastrads. We get loads of the little sh1t bags in the Sigs. I give 3 strikes, they can piss me off twice then on the third i go to town. so now they don't piss me off at all. Any of my seniors ask me about it, don't know what they are talking about!!