Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mr.russell, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. Swore my Oath Of Allegiance today.

    A much prouder moment than I thought it would be.

    Also, only one step closer to starting phase 1. :D
  2. Did you remember your number? :D
  3. congrats mate, I am Sure lizzie is glad to have your allegiance
  4. HI there. Well done on doing your oath. Can you tell me what you do & roughly what is said? My son does hin in 2 weeks. :D
  5. You can go along if you like, especially since you seem more curious than the monkeys at a safari park.

    And yes other parents will be there aswell before you ask. :p

    Edit: oh yeah, make sure your lad knows his army number btw
  6. Nice one

    When do you go in?
  7. To avoid him looking stupid make sure that he can read and knows "heirs" is pronounced "airs" and not "hairs."
  8. Well done lad! Best of luck to you!
  10. Might be a bit late for that!

    But I am certain that Somersetlady will rise to the occasion... new hat and new frock, Mum?!

    Litotes :D
  11. Lol...Good one. I bet some poor lads or lasses do make that mistake. :D
  12. My bold.
    I do know my number of course. But there was no mention of it on the day.
    We did have a group of marketeers watching us though, so maybe it was done a bit differently.
  13. You do it again at Phase 1 anyway, as for some reason not everyone does it before arriving (here at Pirbright anyway).

    Normally, we read it out line by line and the Recruits repeat after us, some even remember to put their own name (i.e. John Smith) in the right spot rather than repeating "your name"...
  14. I'm guessing you're an instructor at Pirbright then?

    I cannot wait to start there now.
  15. Not really - I am on the staff.

    You'll love it, maybe not all the time at the time, but like most demanding courses, in retrospect.