Well I have my attestation tomorrow...

I have to go on my lunch break from work though, so I was wondering how long it would take and what attire is desirable?

As usual the AFCO is not answering their phone...




It doesn't take long, it is where you swear on oath to the Queen - 15-20 mins including the standing about etc. Where what you think is appropriate. I am sure your work clothes (unless you get particularly dirty/ or very scruffy) will be fine
I had mine on monday. It took just over an hour. The saying the oath bit if pretty quick but its all the fannying about and going through all the papers that takes a while.


had mine yesterday, took around half hour-45 mins. i wasnt sure what to wear so wore jeans n shoes. theres was supposed to be 6 of us there, but only 2 of us showed, and the other lad was suited up . felt like a mug when i looked like a chav


Dress'll be noticed by those that count.
Well it took like and hour and a half... had to watch a dvd first and then all the paperwork etc...

Only person without someone with them... lol

But I feel quite positive now.

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