Attention Whores

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Acid_Tin, Mar 30, 2005.

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  1. I have fcuking had enough. Can I suggest that this forum (The NAAFI Bar*) is the only place here on ARRSE where you** can post several one line posts, without meaning. Doing this in other forums should be made strictly forbidden. This includes posts which consist of nothing more than a fcuking smiley.


    I have lost count of the number of (actually rather good) threads which get derailed by some useless creature, usually taking a mildly funny retort to extremes and then posting insanely thereafter.


    Also, if you want to 'flirt' with ARRSErs, give them your fcuking Y!, Msn (or whichever sad little messaging system you use) address and do it to your tawdry hearts' content, you dreadful little urchins.


    *Cos the Mods won't stand for this shite anymore than I do!
    **The guilty parties.

    I couldn't really give a flying fcuk who this offends - largely cos anyone who IS offended by this has no place here. This is not who we are.

    Out. For real. :evil:
  2. Yes, urchins.....dreadful.
  3. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

  4. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

  5. Do i have to request your MSN before asking if i can slap your bag? :D
  6. I just re-read my post - and I want to make clear that in no way am I inferring that anyone who wears tight t-shirts, or could be confused with an all-powerful piece of pastry, is being impuned.

    They add value to ARRSE. Look around for the fcuking to$$ers who don't.

    Out. Again. :D

    Mr Happy - I knew someone would do that! :D
  7. Altogether now......


    Fcuking awesome - you can't train it!!

    Is this an example of a shite post?????
  8. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Should a mod even reply to this? Calypso, who are you the thought police.
  9. Is whores same same whookers /
  10. Right then. Who's hacked his account and is posting as Calypso?

    Single emoticon post! 8O Such cheek :twisted:
  11. SOP on encountering a serial attention-seeker

    More than anything else they want attention. It doesn't matter what type of attention they get, positive or negative, as long as they can provoke someone into paying them attention. It's like a 2-year-old child throwing a tantrum to get attention from a parent. The best way to treat them is to refuse to respond and to refuse to engage them - which they really hate.

    In other words, do not reply to their postings, and on forums carry on posting without reference to their postings as if they didn't exist. In other words, treat nobodies as nobodies.

  12. Thats all well and good mate, but if a dullard strikes in the middle of a good thread then what?

    I reckon there should be a duty 'screw' each night armed with gripperrod and a lump of angle iron when an 'Anya' or a 'Ragyman' strikes then the screw, with the full backing of the site can smyte the offender a teeth loosening blow to the top of the bonce.

    Repeat until lesson learn
  13. Read the following and see how many traits of the current attention seekers you can spot - especially Blond Bint 8O

    Particularly useful in work situations and interrogation :lol:

  14. *EDITED*

    However...I am not suggesting that ARRSErs can't think - far from it. I am merely complaining that certain individuals have made a nasty habit of doing what I (and several others judging by the number of supportive PMs received on this matter) find incredibly annoying.

    If you feel that I was grouping you within the subject of this thread, that's your problem (I'm not). If you feel that Mods are somehow above us 'mere peons', then you have a serious complex.

    To everyone who does understand what this thread is all about, thank you for your support. Although it will achieve little in the long run, it's good to see I'm not the only one pi$$ed off by it. :D

    RCS - I hope you're being ironic. Perhaps you could explain that word to 'doghead'; and explain exactly what this thread is all about as well? :D

    That's all from me on this. Out.

    EDITED (again) to add: RCS - you are being ironic!! I take back any bad vibes!! :D