Attention LONDON UNITS - assistance sought

I am pursuing this on other means, but I thought I would try this anyway. I am looking for a dozen sensible soldiers to act as enemy on a weekend exercise being run this summer (in August). Because of the location best suited to units in London and the South East (Home Counties). It's nothing hugely special, but might be of interest to some juniors. They need to be responsible as the ex is potentially complicated and will have a fairly tight MEL (this is not an opportunity to go careering round a training area like Audie Murphy) I am NOT looking for any particular type of unit (eg Inf) but I am looking for a male/female mix as playing civpop will be involved. Ideally all would be from the same unit as this would make admin easier.

If anyone thinks they could help, please PM me.
Don't know why you need an "enemy" or if you are in, but this type of thing is normally requested through your PSI or PSAO. They have phones and phone books, contacts and the authority to organise little things like pay, ration scales, stores ammo, pyro and weapons. If it's low scale and just Civpop then try your local cadets (Army, Air and Sea).
Last time I do this to shamelessly punt this to the top of the pile.

(Thank you RGSM for your constructive and helpful input. I'm sure it's completely down to me that I pick up a hint of sarcasm and a patronising tone of voice. Perish the thought that:

a. I might actually know what I am doing (and that you might actually read and understand my first post before leaping into print).
b. That there is more than one way to skin a cat.
c. That this bulletin board be used for something useful rather than making not-so-smart-alec remarks and people might help each other through it.)

To those helpful individuals who have replied with interest, many thanks. I will be in touch.
Incognito - yep - you spotted the sarcasm. On a serious note the cadets are a good source of CivPop - had them on Ex a few times myself and they were very keen. Try not to get any pretty females though - distracts the men and has a potential for trouble.
So no invitation to the FANY for this.................... :?
Try the yeomanry, but I warn you:

a) They won't be sober

b) They'll probably win

If you ask dumbarse questions, expect an appropriate answer.

It would help if you had mentioned that you had tried the usual channels, assuming you have, of course....Greenjackets are good but even RGSM ain't psychic.

And if you dont like the tone of this answer, unlucky!

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