Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bad CO, May 4, 2004.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru


    We are extremely grateful to you for the extensive publicity that ARRSE has received in recent days and hope that we have assisted you in providing useful copy. As you may be aware ARRSE is entirely self funded by donations and adverts. We are very keen to sell both advertising space and accept sponsorship of any part of the board.

    Please feel free to email me at - all suggestions considered!
  2. Yes, the "enraged Arab Opinion thread" sponsored by our friends at the Mirror - all photos of staged (allegedly) nature considered.

    Be careful BCO, Inviting them in maybe a double edged sword and kill the nature of the forum!!
  3. Haven't seen the "Make A Donation" amount move closer yet.

    Get a real job fellas.
  4. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Editorial freedom remains as advertised.....
  5. Sorry, inviting the press, especially the tabliod to sponsor any part of it, worries me. I'm edgy about the naafi sponsoring the finance forum, its just a sales pitch.

    Inviting the press in gives them a hold on the forum to quote anything out of context - or are you going to police that BCO?? Nobody has yet been able to, so how is arrse going to do it?

    Lining ourselves up for a fall methinks!!
  6. Advertising space would be fine, but sponsorship from the media? Surely that is against the whole idea of this forum?

    Just feels like selling ARRSE down the river, and giving in to the enemy.
  7. Bad CO - are they dissing your superhuman powers????

    Do they not know who you are?
  8. Dale, i really dont think this is a matter for levity, its a serious issue. journalism can be our best friend or more than often our worst enemy. I call into context the recent photo's in the mirror. Whether real or fake, the middle east have seen them and wont believe us if we say they are fake - if that inspires one more suicide bomber, in my opinoin the mirror have blood on their hands. Should we trust the press on this forum - in my opinion no!!!!!

  9. Boney - I agree completely. Do not trust them, they will twist things but BAD CO and the other moderators can do superhuman things on this tinternet thingy. Trust me. Have faith in the Snail.

    And tell the scum nothing. 8)
  10. Although i respect our good and bad CO's in every way, greater organisations than ours have fallen to the tabliod press - why invite them in??

    Ultimately they will take every post as written, without understanding the humour or experience behind it - once this forum becomes known as "sponsord by the sun" who is going to want to post here?

    I'm not wanting to dis the forum as a whole, but inviting the press in will make it a true "rumour" service, everything taken out of context and an invitation for the press to see the posts made here as a true reflection of service life, which isnt true. The journos dont have the experience to interprite the posts as written.

    Bad idea BCO IMHO
  11. Agreed boney.
    These are not people with any sense of patriotism,decency or awareness of responsibilty for their actions.
    They don't consider what happens to the next British squaddie taken captive in Iraq as long as their circulation figures are up.
    They have noted the posts here and printed the obvious factual truth in what was said AFTER publishing the pictures (without a thought given to the effects of such action). There can be no justification in what the Mirror has done. Trial by newspaper once again.
    In time these journo scum (not you Libby) will turn on arrse as sure as they turned on Lady Di.
    It's in their very 'make-up' . They will sit here now- hungry for any tidbit they can turn into a six page special report. Not news. Not REAL news. Just pulp.
    Piss off journo scum :evil:
  12. i think the mirror has just proved that
  13. Since when did journos need an invite?
    They are here.
    We just became more aware of it that's all.
  14. BCO-
    Timeo daneos et dona ferentes.
  15. As olive said - the papers read this forum, this site and many others. We are out in the open (ish) here and that is a simple fact. NAAFI put their name next to the Finance Forum. Do you now feel drawn to use NAAFI products? Probably not. Then why worry about any other large company giving their money, to help keep this great site alive, so they can put a logo on it for us to see?
    It matters not. The COs etc get my vote. They've done a bl00dy good job so far. Doubt they'll go soft & floppy if they manage to turn a little revenue to keep things going.