Attention IT nerds....

I need some help on me PC, me lad (3) has been playing on it and lastnight he did somert and now all the icons and web pages a fookin massive. How the fook do i get it back to normal. Ive done the usual stuff like turning it off and on and also checking its plugged into the mains, apart from that im stumped. Can anyone advise what i should do.

Thanks in advance.

Please note i am not a nerd and therefore struggle with the very basics of computers, therefore if you give me advice it really does need breaking down into simple terms.


Mr Thicko.
Right click on the desktop, select properties and settings. Then change the screen resolution to a higher number (e.g. 1024x768).

It is impossible to say how high, as that depends on your monitor. If you go too high, the screen will stay blank, but don't worry as it will reset itself in 15 seconds. Just move the slider one click to the left to reduce the resolution.

Here is a description with pictures:

And now the very silly part. I have done as you have said but they're too small, now i have tried a different setting and thats too big but not as big as it was. I have also hit my head against the wall but that doesnt seem to work either.

It seems that i have 3 setting, massive, massivish and tiny, ie needing glasses.

What am doing wrong?

Thanks MSR by the way.
You might have to re-install the graphics driver.

No, don't ask, I have no idea what your son did to it....

What a way to ask for help but then again its in the scaleys forum so probably the usual way of asking

Assuming this is serious and you are using xp

right click on an empty part of your screen and choose properties
left click it will open another window 'display properties'
choose settings and look at screen resolution if you have a TFT check this matches what the TFT can display (if you dont know it you may need to play with the settings)
example my laptop has a screen size of 15.4" and a resolution of 1280 x 800
desktop one monitor is a 19" with a resolution of 1440 x 900
other monitor 22" with a res of 1600 x 1024

just a first check there are many ways of screwing up the screen size though
Salford-Vera said:
Hold on, i think ive done it. I'd pressed arrange icons as well but changed it back.

Thanks MSR i owe you a sherry.
That's handy, as I am in Whitefield ;)


P.S. Sherry: Do you have a maiden aunt, or are you on particularly good terms with the vicar?
Salford-Vera said:
I need some help on me PC, me lad (3) has been playing on it and lastnight he did somert and now all the icons and web pages a fookin massive.
Glad you've got it fixed. This normally happens (and to IT people as well) when Windows decides you are visually impaired. Fiddling with it (regardless of what you actually do) often sorts it, otherwise I find that battering the "Esc" key works (at least at reducing my blood pressure).

I would note that this has nothing to do with the M$ "Magnifier" utility and as I normally work with Real Computers(TM), I'll leave detailed explanations to the MCSEs.

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