Attention all night shift workers!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by TonyBlair, Aug 5, 2006.

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  1. Nights, I love em!!!

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  2. Nights, I HATE em!!!!!

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  1. Nights, love em hate em?

    Are they good for us??
  2. Thinking about it its not so much the working during the night, its the sleeping during the day, that does my head in, especially as you spend the first day of your rest days either alseep or with dog head!!!!
  3. Hate nights, but the time of after is good, once u get over the feeling like crap bit and when they are busy they go quickly, when they are quiet, nothing on TV but can be usefull for doing last minuet work!
  4. Let me guess; you swipe newspapers and mags from the patients and spend all night at the nurses' station reading them and scoffing chocolate whilst ignoring patient call buttons. :D
  5. seems like you know a lot of nurses!!!

    night shift kills me.... finish monday morning and still not sleeping properly until friday!!! Glad them days are over!

    can't be good for you.... surely!!!!
  6. Love 'em. What I can't abide is getting up early in the morning, so nights suit me.
  7. nights ain't bad its getting back into day mode is the problem.for the last 2 years ive spent 70% of my working time on nights,i come back on day shifts and i am like a zombie,just as my head and body adjust back to a human feeling hey presto im on nights AGAIN.
  8. Maaybee :lol:
  9. great way to catch up on arrse talk though. but yeah, nights are a pisser! :yawn:
  10. I'm possibly startin a new job on nights soon, the money's great but i'm worried about the detremental effect on my health. I've got a couple of mates who work nights and they look fooked all the time.

    Is it possible to mainatin a good standard of health, going to the gym and running etc, when your body clocks been messed up? Also, how many of those on nights get their eight hours kip?
  11. I've worked nights for the last five years or so. It swings a bit how much sleep I get, sometimes I can easily get eight hours, other times I'm struggling to get five hours.

    I think a lot depends on your situation, a lot of my co-workers have insane schedules. One girl I know, finishes work at six, goes home and feeds her horses, gets the kids up and ready, then drives them to school, before going to bed. She's then back at school at two to pick them up.

    Obviously she is a moody bitch, but since she never gets more than about five hours sleep, I suppose it's understandable.

    What you've really got to watch out for is friends and family who have the mind set that lying sleeping all day is just laziness. I've got a mate I had to start phoning at three a.m., before he got the message that sleeping is essential.

    You may find motivation to exercise a problem when you haven't had enough sleep, I have trouble with that too sometimes.
  12. Thats what i'm worried about. I only plan on doing it until June next year, at which point i'll be eligable to reapply for the Army, then jack it, but in the meantime i'm working to get my fitness up, up, up. Obviously if it's going to have areally detrimental effect on my health I'm gonna have to think twice. Or maybe i'm just being soft?

    I'm a greedy, money grabbing tw*t though, and the salary is too good to resist.