Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Goodfella, Oct 24, 2005.

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  1. We've just sadly bode farewell to a very good friend who has returned to the Australian Army after a four month stint with us on Ex LONGLOOK. Before his departure we spoke briefly about the possibility of a website being created just for IT/IS Geeks (IS Engineers) in order to share data, information, gossip, hyperlinks etc etc. I used to host a Yahoo Group for 'IS Ops and old ADP Specs' but it died of death. This new site (which was created by my Australian friend) uses the same 'backend' server software as arrse but is entirely dedicated to IS geekery. The site is Non-geeks need not apply. If anybody has any further questions regarding this site, please send me a message via these means and I will do my utmost to answer your questions. Apart from that please feel free to check the site out and get on there.

  2. when i followed your link goodfella, i got a computer shop website. Not a good start for a geek mate!!

    It works if you remove the ./ from the end of the URL BTW.

  4. oh dear 8O 8O :lol: :lol: need a hand from an old radio op :twisted:
  5. Goodfella...that was a faux pas for a number of reasons...for example...

    1) Your hyperlink was bonk

    2) The 'non-geeks need not apply', although I'm sure it was meant 'knowingly', sounded really patronising

    As you're a former ISFR top student, it's just embarrassing to the rest of us coneheads. You having another go at Supvr selection next year? Tut tut. :oops:
  6. ...not to mention that the use of the word "backend" in the vicintiy of the likes of MDN, Biscuits, Aunty Stella etc is just asking for trouble :lol: :twisted:

  7. I've had a quick look at the site &, well, .......
    The users aren't very geeky are they?
    Some of them sound like they aspire to geekism, but it seems the average IQ is lower than the average IQ of an ARRSE user.
    Now, I'm not sure what this says (if anything) about IS ENGRs but I think we can safely say that geek is the wrong word!


    BFG (Geek 3rd Dan)
  8. What makes u say that? How can anyone mention geek without Linux section :lol:
  9. Polar, that would be Red Hat then really - secure - NOT any more
  10. Right then fellas. Let's get some things sorted out straight away.

    1. Boney_M, thanks for the advice mate. I did get told about the mistake at work today and have since rectified this. I've already posted a reply into your inbox. Hope to chat to you again soon mate.

    2. CardinalSin again thanks for the advice. First of all, I know that the hyperlink was bonk, but as the main body of the Topic suggested, non-geeks need not apply. Therefore by virtue that you attempted to browse the hyperlink suggests that you are a geek and then you would therefore know how to browse to this site correctly! Secondly, the 'non-geeks need not apply' was not meant to sound patronising, but i'm sure that if the cap fits.... As for being a former ISFR TS, I don't really think that this has that much to do with it! Finally, unfortunately I won't be taking advantage of my final 'stab' at the selection board next year. Two attempts really do take their toll so I have resigned myself to my final six years hoping and waiting for my staffy!!

    3. Hey Ghost_Rider, if you're worried about the use of Back End then i'm sure you're in the wrong trade (if you're an IS Engr anyway!)

    Almost finished.....

    4. BFG 9000. This site has only just been brought online therefore it will take some time for the banter to stop (if ever) and some useful information to be posted. If you considered creating an account and posted any good suggestions to the site then maybe you'd get some better feedback. I'm sure the proper input would be appreciated.

    Finally, again the term 'Geek' was definately not meant to sound patronising nor condascending. If anyone did take offence to this 'faux pas' then please e-mail comments to!!!

  11. What? Linux is all they aspire to? What about Unix? That's much geekier.
  12. Good god ... Fedora its free
  13. Well yes, I'm training my mini polars at the mo. I can't drop the geek side of the force on them yet, they are all happy thinking they know all about IP links over HF (on Windoze) but I'm an ex Switch Bitch ... AX25 here we come ..... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  14. OK geekfella you rolled with the punch there and took it like a man. Good drills. :wink:
  15. Cheers fella! A bit of a school boy there but it was worth it!!