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  1. So you think your bang up to date with your new DAB Tuner do you ?
    Guess whats round the corner?
    DAB+ (DAB PLUS) a new format of Digital transmission with a higher quality sound as its new generation software requires far less Kbps of effort to make it preform well.
    But guess what, A standard DAB radio will NOT be compatible with this new technology.
    This means that if the government chose to make DAB + the standard transmission format for the United Kingdom (which in my opinion the cnuts will inevitably do ££££ ) All standard DAB tuners will be useless forcing the consumer to buy another one!
    F.M transmission will be cut off in this country at around the year 2020.
    Some country's of the word like Australia and Sweden for example, are going strait in to DAB + as their standard mode of radio transmission.
    Manufacturers are already rolling out these new format receiver's.
    There ant half going to be some radio's thrown in the bin in this country over the next 10 years ! cos they will not pick anything up anymore.
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  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    The DAB+ format has been about for a couple of years at least, so it's hardly a new issue.

    The main problem is the DAB uptake in general, with 75% of the population still using analogue and a large percentage of the balance using internet radio. Broadcasters have found that the returns on DAB aren't meeting costs and there has been a lot of talk of the past three years or so of them (the Radio Stations) dumping it altogether especially for smaller commercial set ups.

    DAB hasn't had the profile that DTV has had, and most general listeners don't see the supposed benefits. The biggest problem is going to be producing a reliable and common in car format, where a huge amount of the target audience lies, especially at 'drive time'.
  3. Have to say the the DAB radio in the car, Mercedes Benz E class, is a joy and is locked onto BBC Radio 7.
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  4. DAB radio is crap anyway. Crystal clear sound my arrse.
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  5. The only reason this has not become a major issue yet is because there are currently NO broadcasts in DAB+ in the United Kingdom at this moment in time.
    It is now becoming more and more obvious by the new generation of DAB+ radios and HI-FI tuner separates being released on to the U.K market that all is about to change in the near future.
    Suffice to say that ALL standard DAB receivers in the U.K, to which there are around 11 million unit's in use, will ALL be rendered useless, and that the Standard DAB transmission format in this country as we know it is now a dead duck in the water.
    As regarding in-car DAB, All new vehicles manufactured from 2013 will be required to have DAB+ units fitted as standard.
    Which tells you in plain English that DAB + transmission in this country will start in 2013.
  6. Maybe not Digital radio switchover target 'far too early', say experts | Media |

    Digital radio switchover target 'far too early', say experts

    Government advisory body casts doubt on 2015 date and warns industry not to 'bully' consumers into making switch

    A government advisory body has cast doubt on the prospects for digital radio switchover by 2015 and warned the industry not to "bully" or "scare" consumers into taking up the new technology.
    The Consumer Expert Group, which was set up to advise the government on digital TV switchover and has had its remit extended to radio, said the target switchover date of 2015 was "far too early".
    Raising the possibility that digital radio switchover might not be feasible or even desirable, the report said a "full cost-benefit analysis from a user perspective must be carried out as a matter of urgency".
    The CEG said there were a "range of consumer barriers which require further research and a more proactive approach from government to ensure they are addressed, including coverage and reception issues and finding a solution to in-car [digital radio] vehicle conversions".
    The group said the lack of research into consumers' willingness and ability to pay for digital radio was "concerning" and warned that takeup of the new technology was slow.
    No digital switchover date should be set by the government until less than 30% of radio listening was via analogue platforms, the CEG recommended. Under current plans a switchover date would be put in place when analogue listening was still as high as 50%.
    "Setting a date, or a firm commitment to a date, would have had the effect of scaring consumers to switch," the report said. "Clearly this would not be compatible with government policy to support a switchover when enough listeners voluntarily adopt digital radio.
    "Given the slow speed of takeup so far, it is impractical to expect the remaining 50% to convert to digital radio in a two-year lead period ... We are concerned that vulnerable listeners will be subjected to a marketing strategy to 'bully' them into adopting digital radio in the two years between an announcement and a switchover. This would risk considerable consumer resentment."
    The CEG includes representatives from nine consumer groups including Citizens Advice, the Royal National Institute for Blind People, Age UK, Which? and the Voice of the Listener and Viewer.
    It questioned the role of Digital Radio UK, the cross-industry body set up to oversee digital radio switchover, saying its marketing campaigns including a Radio Amnesty scheme had created unnecessary confusion and concern among listeners.
    Digital Radio UK was "in effect an industry body acting in the commercial interests of its members" – which include the BBC and commercial radio – and could not be expected to provide "impartial information" about switchover. The CEG instead recommended an independent public information campaign be set up by a separate organisation.
    "Until the point at which an announcement of a switchover is made, Digital Radio UK cannot provide the balanced advice consumers require as any information they provide is primarily aimed at driving digital radio takeup," the group added.
    The group warned that some of the issues it raised would "not be easy to address given the current economic climate", but said the government has a "responsibility for ensuring that no consumer is left behind".
    Digital accounted for 24.6% of all radio listening in the second quarter of this year, according to the latest Rajar figures, of which 15.8% was via digital audio broadcasting (DAB) radio. Just over two-thirds – 67% – of all listening remained on analogue AM or FM.

    Not quite a done deal.

  7. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Whoopie, so what?

    DAB has been going for over 10 years, and formats change. Do you still use your LaserDisc, A Betamax VHS player, or a Sony MiniDisc player?
  8. The problem with the comparisons you have made is that, at that time, the consumer always had a choice of another format etc. If you didn't have a minidisc player you could still get all the same stuff in another format.

    With the way DAB/DAB+ is going the consumer will not have a choice, if you want to listen to the radio (outside of internet radio) you will HAVE to have a DAB/DAB+ receiver.
  9. Read this thread yesterday ... been shopping with Mrs B_R today in Tesco .... and not a very scientific survey but DAB radios between 4 and 6 X the price of AM/FM ... one of the DAB sets requires special batteries because of high power demands ... now know reception for DAB is poor in the area where I live because even after having done a check on Internet which indicated OK , bought a portable DAB some years ago to find it only really works in one room .
    The concept may be good but there is a long way to go before the general public will want to go down this route ... there must be tens if not hundreds of millions of FM radios in the UK .

    And to reinforce shiny_arrse's post ... from …. Digital radio 'to miss Govt target by 3 years' • reghardware ...

    Digital radio listening won't hit the Government's 50 per cent target until 2018, according a new industry analysis - putting the great analogue switch-off in jeopardy. And when the big day arrives, most of that digital consumption will be via the interwebs and TV - not DAB radio.


    ...... If you exclude the growth years, the 50 per cent target won't be reached until 2025.

    Some little way to go methinks before we lose FM by which time we may be onto DAB +++++++ .

  10. Unfortunately, like alot of things, what the general public want is irrelevant in the 'decision makers' eyes.
  11. And what about 198M LW??? A gentleman touring Europe must have something he can rely on.
  12. I am a bit of a DAB fan, I even have a Pure Highway unit in my car, however I shall agree with many points made. Reception is flaky, especially in remot areas, the bandwidth that channels were supposed to have to enable that 'CD quality sound' had been sacrificed to give the BBC more bandwidth as they have a shocking amount of DAB stations BBC Eskimo anyone? And as yet there are virtually no standard DAB head units available for cars (and you have to have a special arial) which is why teh Pure unit sells so well.
    Compare this to the US where I spent 10 days in the summer. Our hire car, indeed, most of the cars available from Enterprise had Sirius satellite radios fitted. The sound was superb and on a 100 mile journey the signal did not fade out or falter even once. They had a HUGE amount of channels (many ad free) covering all musical tastes, and after our time in the car we had nothing but praise for the system they have adopted. DAB is a good idea badly implamented, and I get the impression it lacked a lot of political will.
  13. Let's not get too fussed about this. There is always a slight risk in being an early adopter or even fast follower. now where did I put the instructions for my Betamax?
  14. Can you get Radio Cymru on em?

  15. 01011001 01100101 01110011
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