Attention Adventure Racers!

G'Day all

I'm a recent convert to adventure racing, and am looking for like-minded individuals in the Warminster Garrison area to gather a team to compete in some of the numerous events being held in the region, possibly with a view to competing in some of the higher-profile events later in the year.

For those of you not in the know, adventure racing comes in several guises, but generally consists of a triathlon-esque run-kayak-mtb combined with navigation and sometimes involving other team-orientated tasks.

Generally running over one or two days at weekends, it's hard work, much fun, and generally the kind of thing that we army folk (male and female of course!) like to do when we're not running-jumping-climbing-trees-painting-our-faces during the week.

I'm also trying to figure out how to get funding for this kind of thing through army channels. Any suggestion :?:
You'll have to try and get it recognised as a sport. Failing that you might be able to get it done as adventure trg. If there is kyak kyjack (Bollocks canoeing) involved there is quite a good chance. Spk to your local muscle men in the P&RC gym and they may be able to help.

Good luck :D

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