it has being bought to my attention that someone called is trying to frame me do not take any notice of him as he has nothing better to do.


So you haven’t really had your first sexual experience with a farmyard animal?
Is he your twin?
Just to make it fair, we could have the pair of them fighting their way out of issue kip bags!

*That way not to much hassle would come to it as we cannot have hair pulling now, can we!
First one to sew a hood and cuffs onto a CS95 jacket wins...
the_matelot said:
First one to sew a hood and cuffs onto a CS95 jacket wins...
muhahahahahahahah, sounds like a worthy goal!!
this gets more bizarre by the day... an impersonator of our internet military instructor?
you can tell who the real one is... will be the one trying to clean mess tins using all the wise words provided in that other thread
last month there were two geordie_blerks now two 5.56mm's

so whos the phantom cloner and whos next to get a double :D
5.56mm has been cloned..........Who would have thought that the scientific community would be blessed with such a fine specimen.......Of what, I have no idea. :? :?

Failing that he must have been mugged by a photocopier :lol:

DrStealth said:
so whos the phantom cloner
Probably the bloke who climbed off the unfortunate fellow and shouted "Oi! Fetch me another, this one's split!"
Theres 2 of em? will that be 11.12mm then?

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