Attending TA Officer Selection Weekend, have a few questions

Discussion in 'Officers' started by ShadowNeo, Aug 24, 2004.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I am attending a TA Officer Selection Weekend this October, down at Redforf Cavalry Barracks in Edinburgh, and I have a few questions.

    Firstly, I am aware that there is a Fitness Assesment during the weekend, the information letter I received said that it will be used to determine the starting point for subsequent training. I am wondering what standard of fitness I should generally have for this weekend? I don't consider myself to be fit right now, but for the last 3 weeks I have been sticking to a diet and exercise regime, and I plan to do so for the 37 days until the Selection Weekend. Can I be outright refused on the grounds of my fitness, is there a set standard or potential they need to see? I am very committed to improving my fitness.

    Secondly, I was wondering what happens if I am succesful at the weekend? There was a 2-week recruit course scheduled in october that succesful applicants were to attend (I have arranged to have this deferred for me to a later date due to conflict with university). Since I won't attend the October Recruit Course, do I start training at my local Independent Unit while waiting for the next scheduled Recruit Course?

    Finally, I am currently in the ATC, at the rank of cadet Sergeant, and I am a Staff Cadet. Will there be any point during the selection weekend that I would be able to highlight this, i.e with a personal interview etc, and would this increase my chances at selection?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. The main tip for the weekend is "Be yourself.." the DS will know if you're bluffing your case.

    With regard to the fitness side of things, it definately helps but your determination to get up to the required standards will definately give you a few plus points.

    With regard to being in the cadets, it does help to mention it at the right juncture but don't harp on about it.

    Good luck!
  3. Hope it's not too late...
    You have to be pretty lardy, missing limbs, etc to fail the fitness tests at this early stage. You sound like you'll be OK - but expect to hurt a bit...

    I would expect so - or with the EUOTC.

    As Capt Cheeky said, feel free to mention it but don't make a thing of it. I would think at that rank you will have some useful experience and skills - make use of them - and pass them on to your ignorant naive fellows like wot I am!
  4. It should certainly be mentioned in your personal interview. I mentioned my Staff Cadetship at mine. It then came up again in the talk you have to give on a topic set from your interests and what you've done. As mentioned before though, don't bang on about it.

    I was all set to talk about every single subject but the one they gave me , my first Glider solo :D

    Fitness, you have to be a real lardass to do badly. We had a guy going for an ACF commission on mine, and he was definitely not shy of a pie. On the indoor assault course, they like to see max effort of course, but throw yourself through the window obstacle with no hesitation.

    In the command task, stick by your guns, keep instruction to your syndicate simple, and direct efficiently. You're in charge, in charge does not mean you do everything yourself. DOn't be a motormouth either.

    On the TEWTS , or paper scenario , "You have broken down a gazillion miles from anywhere, you have a map, £5.00 and 10 squaddies to get to a football match in 2 hours" or some such .Think carefully, plan well They're looking for a well thought out approach, not the most complex one.

    Make sure you're up to speed with essay plans too, and speed/time/distance calculations, though as a Spacey, I'd expect you to be ;)

    Don't get the Arrse with the board, if they think your solution is pants. Explain clearly how you arrived at it.

    Try not to make the President of the Board look a fool when he is especially sarcastic about your solution.

    "What the hell makes you think anyone in your team can speak Arabic PTP?"

    Because we are Archaeologists Sir???

    Yes it had the rest of the board gurgling with barely suppressed humour into their sleeves, and earnt me an old fashioned look from the bloke in charge 8O

    Above all, relax and enjoy it . As one wag wrote in the lockers at OASC Biggin Hill , "Even Biggles failed his aptitude test the first time"

    If you fail, as long as you don't get a "Never darken this portal again" then learn and try again.

    But best of luck

    PS, does anyone do a Pre-TCB you can get on?
  5. Thanks for the advice guys :).

    I was wondering, does the fitness part of the weekend consist of simply the assault course, or can I expect to do a "dry run" of the standard fitness test (BPFA?).
  6. Hmm I thought 'obstacle courses' were all banned now cos of health and safety reasons - we might bang our little heads and be hurt, oh diddums. Shame the Real Thing isn't similarly health-and-safetied :)

    I wouldn't worry about it - take it as it comes. You sound like you do some exercise so a BPFA shouldn't kill you; at this stage it's only assessment anway.
  7. You do obstacles e.g. wall, hurdles etc...

    You also do a sprint to be completed in 1min 20secs. Forget the distance.

    Also if you can't do a forwards role then learn now :)
  8. Sprint is 500m. 1.20 is only a guide really. I had one fat bint in my group (at RCB(b) ) who walked the whole distance, time of around 3mins. Still got a Cat2-24 for improving her fitness. :roll: 8O
  9. One thing that really, REALLY got on my bosoms was OTC types. When it comes to the "Discuss <insert contentious subject>" the little shits, to a man, took a step forwards from the circle in which everyone is standing.

    This had the effect of a) blocking out 2/3rds of the Syndicate: b) giving them selves a psychological edge.

    If you see them doing this will you PLEASE, INSTANTLY ask them, very politely, to take a step backwards and rejoin the circle. Should you see this and respond in the manner I outline, you MUST tell us their reaction

    God I loath OTC.
  10. Fair point BB, however there are exceptions to every rule. I've seen enough people with no previous mil contact OTC/ACF/TA whatever do the same.

    The most frustrating thing I encountered was on a Fam visit. We had command tasks (leaderless) to do and had a quick breif. Apprx 60% of the group had never done a Cmd task before. They seemed to only take on board the concept of cantilevers from the intro and then decided that every problem was solvable by using a cantilever.
  11. Thanks for the advice guys :). Anything particular, apart from the physical side that I should brush up on before going? I'll be going through some SMEAC stuff at my squadron around a week before I go, the CO said that would be helpful.
  12. Upper body. Push-ups and pull-ups.

    You know the standards, yes? 43 push-ups in two minutes, fifty sit-ups in same.

    Getting a pull-up bar and getting good at those really is the puppy's privates as far as improving your upper body strength goes, however.
  13. Make sure you are genned up on current affairs and the current hot topics as you'd be amazed how many POs know feck all about the outside world and have no balanced opinions of their own that they can articulate. Don't come across as Tim Nice But Dim :roll:
  14. Thanks again guys :).

    A few last questions if its ok,

    I was wondering what happens if I pass through the Selection weekend? If I do I will have my attendance at the 2-week recruits course deferred to a later date (probably early next year) and was wondering what would happen between the end of the selection weekend and then?

    Also, about the officer cadet training, i'm wondering how this would be done? There are several different units in the TA near me (Infantry, Signals) would I be joining one of them for training, or the Officer training place used by the local UOTC?
  15. I gathered you're from Scotland hence 51 Scottish Brigade is centralising TA Officer Training with a course called TAOC.

    The bulk of your weekends should be spent at a training camp called Barry Buddon near Dundee. The course itself has it's own cadre of instructors and follow new army doctrine specified by RMAS with regard to phased / graduated training for TA Officer Candidates.

    After your selection weekend, recruits course the main training weekends kick in which appear to be on a fortnightly basis.

    After Christmas after this phase of training has been successfully completed there is a confirmatory exercise to ascertain whether candidates are ready to go to RMAS for TACC.

    With regard to your first question your best bet would be contacting your sponsoring TA unit or your TA Officer recruitment contact for better advice on this matter.

    Any further questions PM me.