Hi All,

First sorry if this is the wrong forum?

I have been in the TA for over six years now and have done every thing they asked me to do come rain or shine.

But now I have not played for two mouths due to various things I have with the regular staff (PSI) now I am being told that if I don’t play the paper work will be started to throw me out.

The question I have is can they do this?

Thank you
I would rather suggest another approach: if you really don't get along with your PSI, either write to your OC and request a leave of absence or ask to move to another location.

I'd offer a further alternative. If it's purely a personality conflict between the two of you, one of your SNCOs should be able to act as a buffer, after all, they are in your chain of command, the PSI isn't.

If it can't be resolved at this level, then go for msr's suggestion. But do it sooner rather than later, otherwise the paperwork will overtake the situation.

I have just worked it out i have only missed 3 drill nights as i work shifts.

I am not the only one that has problems with him some have gone as far to say he is a bully?

The thing is that we have only had him for 9 mouths and when he first turned up he did not wont anything to do with us witch is fine, as its owl train set but then when i as the CPL wanted to do things like lessones and courses he step in and took over.
and that was just the start.

Now he is sayying i cant go away ADV training with one of the out SQN's but my AQMS said i can can he stop me?

Thank you for your comments so far.
Take the matter up strictly through your chain of command. I'm not going to hang somebody on the basis of a conversation on a website.

Your PSI may be a bully, conversely you may be an awkward little sod. I don't know and I'm not going to make a judgement.

The PSI is there to guide training and facilitate its execution, not to run the place - that's the job of your SNCOs and Officers. While your PSI may, indeed, be a to$$er of the first order, accusing him of such also infers that your own leaders are not getting to grips. What I don't know - and DON'T WISH TO KNOW in public - is how your PSI is viewed by the senior members of your squadron. They may think he's great and a great improvement on (possibly) a weak previous PSI.

Discuss the matter with your troop(?) Sgt or officer and let them sort it out. (Either way).
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