Attendance Based Pay Training Module (TA PAY)!!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by deejay075, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. At long last we are getting training tomorrow to enlighten us as to how we are going to pay TA personnel in the JPA era. I will be fully trained I am told in about 3 hours - so it must be easy! I Will let you all know what wizardry plan the boffins have up there sleeve - but I guess it is an excel spreadsheet generated from FORGE.
  2. what does JPA stand for?
  3. You kidding?
  4. no...i am new and have not been im not kidding
  5. It is Joint Personnel Administration - the way we are going to administer personnel in the future.
  6. Yes it is easy, my tip is to keep clicking next as fast as you can and complete it. Logging onto ARRSE is far harder.

    An AGC guy at work brought the training package in for every to see, people in my office were not impressed. The JPA guys are not going to be happy when they work with us shortly :headbang:
  7. I am not talking about the Self Service User training. This is for the Pay people to find out how we are going to process the pay which has been a mystery until now. I have already done the Self Service User stuff and the Manager and the HR Professional module but still don't know the mechanics of getting the money to the bank! All will be revealed tomorrow.
  8. Presumably everyone is aware that there will be a pay void between early March and late April during the transition period? If unicom is not updated by tomorrow (maybe Friday) then it may be even longer.
  9. WHAT !! Pay late again !! At least this time the`ve got an excuse and will be using it for years to come :thumright:
  10. Monday is the last input to be accepted by the mainframe, so nag your admin guys to get your Feb training in or your not getting it in March
  11. so what happens with all the training that we are gonna do in march

    If we train when are we going to be paid for it ?
    normally would be beginning to mid April paid into account with bounty
  12. I really dont know. Its over to JPA then, between 7th March and JPA go live at end of March is the Data migration to JPA. Nothing is happening with Army pay anywhere during this time. When JPA goes live there is a lot of input catch up to do, thats all I know.
  13. Right back from the training and it is quite a simple process to get TA personnel paid in the JPA era. The info is input direct to JPA via a excel spreadsheet. On a couple of the other points that have been mentioned on the thread. UNICOM is actually switched off at 1230 hrs on Fri 2 Mar 07 and all admin people have been aware of this for some time. My unit will be processing all Feb pay data tomorrow to ensure it get processed before the switch off and I imagine all other are doing the same. We have been attending briefings in our Bde since about Oct 06 so everyone should have a plan in place. Admin staff will be in this weekend when the transfer of data from UNICOM to JPA will occur and we will be given the nod as to whether it was successful or not. On the topic of pay between now and when admin staff get onto JPA (14 Apr) we will be inputting the pay data onto spreadsheets and submitting to JPAC in Glasgow for them to process. A similar system is in place to submit Bounty. Any questions you can pm me or post them here.
  14. Last UNICOM Transmission is Fri 2 Mar not Mon - Migration takes place starting 1800hrs Fri Bounties should already have been transmitted - pay as well if you want it to stand a chance of not getting lost in the ether!!!
  15. 2 words.

    "Oh Dear"