Attend driver awareness course or 3 points??

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by supermatelot, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. My missus was involved in a 4-car smash last month. Our car was written off. The front car slammed on her brakes for whatever reason and the pile-up occurred. Our car was the last car. I understand about leaving enough space etc etc and I only know what happened from what my wife said.
    We received a letter stating something along the lines of "I have found there is reason to believe you were driving without due care & attention..." Long story short - pay £155 to attend the course (which she did on Saturday) or attend magistrate's court with the possibility of accruing 3 points.

    Has anybody ever tested this and opted for court? It seems to me like a form of legalised scam. No evidence was offered to ius, or even reasons for their findings. It seems to me like an opportunistic money making scheme that plays on the fact most people will just "cough up" to save any hassle.

    My wife said, that on the course, there were people who demonstrably should never be allowed within the same postcode of a motor vehicle. One of the "instructers" having to grap control off some old woman who was on it several times. Said woman was on it for taking out somebody's garden wall. As it was simply an attendance course nothing was actioned about that womans obvious unsuitability.
  2. My mrs had a clean licence when she went through on green and stopped in the middle of the cross junction and got gatsoed. £60 and three points or £130?? and a 4 hour course on a saturday

    She took the points because it was cheaper

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  3. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Its sometimes better to do the course because points can ultimately affect your insurance premium.

    I notice they have now jacked the cost of the course well above the cost of the points. (When I did one about 10 years ago it cost exactly the same as the fine - £60). That reeks of money grubbing.

    The course was informative and I learned some useful things from it. However, it took a whole day for content that could have been covered in 2 hours. When I spoke to the instructor afterwards, he said the course was a 'one size fits all' one designed around the needs of the terminally thick.

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  4. The course my missus was on was 9-4. I told her to make sure they didn't try to thin them all out early so she got her bloody money's worth! I have often commented on Plymothian drivers being the biggest danger on Guzz's roads and from what my wife tells me - the attendees on her course backed this up. A sort of "if I'm doing the speed limit then anything goes" mentality.

    This clearly seems to me to be another cash-generation scheme thinly disguised as educational punishment. I would have actually felt a lot more comfortable if it was not purely an attendance course but observations made by the instructors of driving standards were actioned in some way.
  5. Not far wrong regarding Plymouth drivers. Some tosser in a Nissan Micra smashed into the rear of my girlfriends BMW few years back. She had slowed to get past a car half off the road (really icy conditions) and Nissan ****** came belting down the road and into the back of her.

    Surprised the Micra driver walked away in one piece as the BMW was both bulkier and the tow bar totalled the Micra. Utter bbellend. Girlfriend is still suffering the after effects of the whiplash.
  6. Back doors smashed in and whiplash?

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  7. Anybody any idea what would have happened had we opted for magistrates court? What evidence would they have to produce a verdict? Brief statements were taken from all involved and all were cautioned at the scene. There was no CCTV coverage. Could a verdict be reached based on the formulaic - "you should have left enough stopping distance"? I don't think any serious crash investigation was carried out.
  8. Wonder if all the drivers involved in the incident received the same offer. Like a blanket method of punishment.

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  9. Twelve months ago my FiL was involved in an accident at a town centre traffic island. Car in front moved off. Then when he set off as the road to his right was clear she stopped dead for no reason allowing him to hit.

    A 3 or 4mph shunt ended up with two fire engines, a paramedic, ambulance & police car in attendance. The woman in front being cut from her vehicle and rushed to hospital where she stayed overnight.

    At the scene there were 2 witnesses on my FiL's behalf that stated they'd seen her driving erratically earlier and that he had not been negligent. Paramedic said in his view she was not hurt at all. She subsequently got the write off value of her car + almost £6,000 in comp and lost earnings etc.

    We spent ages helping him with his accident report, adding photos, diagrams and asking witnesses to send statements. It was a waste of time. FiL got the threatening letter off West Mercia Police telling him to either attend the course or risk up to £900 fine and a ban. Never having had any dealings with the Police he was absolutely terrified and took the course. It's a scam and a lazy piss poor attitude towards policing that rewards liars and thieves.

    He was that annoyed that the course went in one ear and out the other. I had to calm him down on the way in and tell him not to mouth off but adopt a shit eating grin and bear it. Disgraceful that he should have to do that in what shoudl be a fair country. He now distrusts the Police completely.
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  10. A distant memory, but I recall reading somewhere, possibly on this site, that attending the course could be used against you when calculating insurance premiums?
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  11. Read the highway ******* code!

    Your missus is Guilty...3 points!

    Now stop ******* whinging!
  12. I don't know. The letter originally gave a date in September to attend but we are away then. After phoning the number she was offered a place on one on Saturday just gone as there was a spare.

    Just to add - to explain the mentality of the woman who was the front car, who apparently did an emergency stop for no reason - she was OK until the police turned up then started throwing hysterics and claiming she had hurt her back etc. My missus was ambulanced off as she was 18 weeks pregnant at the time. The police phoned a few days later to ask if she was OK etc and they told us there were no other injuries to any other drivers. The other drivers at the scene, my missus said, were blokes and shrugged their shoulders with a "shit happens" attitude and they were more concerned about my missus. The other woman involved was put in a separate ambulance until she calmed down.
  13. I would have posted in the naafi if I wanted that input. I am merely questioning the legalities of declaring presumed guilt and offering what is essentially a plea-bargain off the back of what can only be anecdotal evidence.
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  14. Perhaps see if there are any local Solicitors specialising in stuff like this and have a chat.

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