Attempts to kill Hitler.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by stacker1, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. Over on the Valkyrie thread in the films forum it has been stated that the 1944 attempt of Adolf life was just one of many.
    Googling it didn't seem to come up with a definate number and was mainly dominated by links to the 1944 attempt.
    So how many attempt were the in total? And were they all for real, (not just said by senior Germans at the end of the war to make themselves look better).
  2. I remember once reading the number was in the forties - don't know if all were serious attempts or not.

    There is a good book, 'Hitler's German Enemies', that details the lives of fifteen people who resisted him and his regime - and they were not just members of the military.
  3. I know it is only wiki but I came across these brave people many years ago doing research etc. Read this then dig deeper.
    Sometimes you just got to respect young courage
    The White Rose

  4. Sort of attention getting assassination attempts?

    Scene: An upleasant little room with a table and two chairs. There are two men seated, one of whom is tied to his chair and is looking like he has spent the weekend at MDNs.

    Interrogator "I vill ask you vunce again! Vy did you attempt to kill der Fuhrer?"

    Prisoner (on the verge of breaking down in tears) "He never pays my plans any attention! He is alvays looking at ze plans of ze others but not mine. It's not fair! My plan for zee Atlantic wall was better than Rommels but I never get a look in. It' just not fair"

    Interrogator (with a look of surprise which melts into paternalistic sympathy) "Ach! Wilhelm vy did you not tell me of zis earlier. If I had known I could have put in a word for you."
  5. What a coincidence! Kev like a poem about them.
  6. UK TV history channel have just run a series called 'Hilter's Bodyguard' in which they covered just about all the plots.
  7. Eh?
  8. Bear with me I'm hunting the link to the poem. All vill become klar, ya?
  9. I am trying to get my 2 atom brain around the statement that you have quoted Kev (I presume KevB) for some reason. Have I missed something

  10. From the "Any Poetry..." thread.

  11. Right I give up, what have I missed

  12. Actually having been not been back to that thread for a while I find KevB has poted this in response.

  13. KevB doesn't rate The White Rose. To the extent of writing poetry about it apparently (unless he's attempting a wah or poetry walting).
  14. There was an attempt on Hitler's life when he was just starting out, a bomb in one of the beerhalls he had been talking in, unfortunately it went off after he had left the hall.
  15. I still do not quite get it but I think it is time to draw a line under this one.
    The memorial is quite striking by the way.

    However if Hitler were to be assinated by the laws of cricket or sea fishing then I am the man.

    See ya C-L-C