Attempting to contact SPVA or WPA

I have been trying to get hold of SPVA all day, all i get, is our lines are busy, then get cut off. Or they were training first thing this morning.
I have come across this problem over the years and it is obviously very frustrating to state the least. I thought it incredulous that day after day the lines were constantly busy and then I was cut off as the above member has also picked up on.

So, I thought, what if I was overseas. There is a specific telephone number for their use. So I dialed the overseas number and guess what...? I got through to the switchboard at SPVA or WPA straight away with no hassles, issues or problems. I spoke to someone about my pension query and when I had finished I mentioned to that person that there appears to be a problem with their telephone lines in that they were always busy and the line then got cut off after hearing the pre recorded message. I then mentioned that I had tried and succeeded in getting through by dialing the overseas number. The person to whom I was speaking to said that she would investigate this problem.

I thanked her and a couple of weeks later telephoned the UK number and lo and behold got through to the switchboard straight away with no message that they were busy and spoke to someone.


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