Attempted suicide in the Army

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by verdi_811, Apr 18, 2010.

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  1. Right guys i need a legal eagle to answer a question.....
    A family member is currently serving. They have had various issues with mental health in the past and on Friday it all came to a head when they tried to commit suicide. Luckily this attempt was unsuccessful. As distressing as this has been, my first concern is what legal action will they have taken against them? And will this be the end of their career? Thanks to one and all.
  2. There will be all sorts of help rather than discipline. The docs will be leading and they will be dealt with sympatheticall
  3. You cannot be jurno becuase your either pissed, stupid or illiterate. The answer is none, simple.
  4. Isn't this guy's health and well-being a priority in the first instance? Let's face it, if he tries again and is successful, the last thing anyone will be worried about is his disciplinary record.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I'm neither pissed, illiterate or stupid, and I'm certainly not a ******* journo. The reason I ask is because said family member was already on a last chance from the CO, having had issues in the past. I have heard of soldiers that have committed suicide, where the army have completely turned their backs on the wife and kids, giving 90 day quarter ruling and no help with funeral costs. If they will do this, what will they do to someone who (luckily) was unsuccessful in their suicide attempt?
  6. Are you seriously calling me illiterate when you cannot spell "journo", "because" or "you're"? I'm asking a genuine question about a genuine issue - crawl back under your ******* rock.
  7. Two brufen should sort him out.
  8. Taken every 30 seconds with vodka.
  9. Hello verdi_811,

    it might be a good idea to edit your first post to remove your family member's rank and corps,it doesn't make any difference to the answer to your question but would eliminate any uncomfortable finger pointing.

  10. Thanx hadn't thought about that....will do ...
  11. because we all know that the REME only has 2 Sgts :roll:
  12. It's a heck of long time since attempted suicide was an offence. Nothing disciplinary here.
  13. Considering that one of those two spends his nights fashioning nooses from tights, swallowing the contents of his bathroom cabinet and highdiving from bridges, I think we can rule out the other one.

    verdi, does your 18 yrs of service including a stint in the SRR not give you some idea of what might happen to your relative?
  14. Call it lucky or not, but I've never had to deal with any kind of suicide. Unless you've had to deal with it, how the feck am I supposed to know, plus we now have a tri-service legal system, and everything has changed. That is why I ask.
  15. You are a little unclear in your post. In the interest of clarification can I ask a few questions?

    Was it a suicide attempt or deliberate self-harm, the difference is fairly important?
    Is the circumstance of the CO's last chance related to the suicide attempt?
    How do you know that what you've heard about the Army is true?
    Is your concern more for the suicidal relative or for the wife and kids?
    What has the suicidal relative done about the funeral costs and what is his consideration of the 93 day rule with regard his family?