attempted murder - With an air gun????

yeah but then again the state is trying to protect its own again as she is a copper, plus if it was say only one then yeah attempted murder is pushing it but she was shot twelve times. however, she is ginger and therefore the whole case should have been thrown out of court. :twisted:


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I think you'll find they are shotgun pellets, not airgun pellets . . . oh, wait, this is the NAAFI - silly me.

OK then, it was probably an air-chain-gun, sort of like a BSA-Dillon.


arby said:

attempted murder seems a bit excessive for "pellet wounds" in the leg. :roll:
Sure it was an airgun not a shotgun?

12 pellets in the leg from an airgun would take some effort.....
I think that the pellets came from a shotgun. That, or these guys can reload quicker than the 24th at Rorke's Drift. Or perhaps the copper didn't notice that she was being repeatedly shot?
Could 12 strikes from an airsoft be classed as wounds! :wink:
Is this the first case of uberwalt "Wounded In Action". :p
she would have noticed twelve shots being pelted at her as my little prezzie at home(silly m16 40round)stings like a biatch and leaves little purple dots.

but damn i still love shooting the misses with it(or)trying to murder her with it as it now seems!!!


oh well! reload and continue i guess

"babe where are you "


i call it foreplay with deffinate sex after(usually at gunpoint)but she doesnt wimper and curl up into the fetal position so i guess its metal rounds nextime...
The greatest shame is that the brass studs will not face a long drop with a quick stop.
Does attempted murder not include intent to kill? If the chimp thought the air rifle would kill then it is attempted murder surely?
This was just down the road from me and was a Shotgun attack on an unarmed lone WPC who was pretty gutsy in ordering the Guy to put down his weapon, luckily for the young peeler the Chav Mong was a poor shot.

A sad reflection on todays society. :x


"When PC Jackson challenged the robber he shot her from close range and fled. She was taken to hospital with 12 shotgun pellets embedded in her leg".

The above is from the Times. I've tried crosschecking in the Daily Sport but details were scant.

It might just be me, but shooting someone at close range with a shotgun seems OK for an attempt murder charge :D :D
sorry but at close range with a shotgun nobody should miss, the wpc was lucky she was up against a complete mong
Well done the WPC who tackled the chav mong. Said chav mong now needs a 9mm lesson - to the back of the head.
why waste a round when you can reuse rope time and time again?

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