Attempted murder on police officer

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BossHogg, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. There has been an attempted murder on a police officer in cumbria. Even a sleepy backwater like the lake district has its problems, my thoughts are with the officers family.

    Attempted murder of police officer
  2. Yeah, my thoughts are with the family also, fingers crossed that he pulls through. I'm not sure if I'll sleep tonight? I may drive up with some flowers.
  3. Hope the officer makes a full recovery and that the two criminals are given sufficiently stiff punishment to deter them from behaving this way again.
  4. "TWO Carlisle youths - one just 14 - have been arrested on suspicion of the attempted murder of a policeman after an incident near Cockermouth.

    A male officer is in the West Cumberland Hospital in Whitehaven with serious injuries after he was hit by a car near the Fitz Cottage roundabout at around 5.15am.

    A police statement said a stinger device was used to stop a Vauxhall Corsa, which collided with a police car and the policeman."

    So, you deploy your stinger device, the driver loses control, hits a police car and a bobby and that's attempted murder?

    Shouldn't it just be a breach of H&S on the part of whoever deployed the stinger?
  5. It's never wise to stand in the driving line when a stinger/caltrop is being deployed. Asking for trouble.
  6. The chances of the little scrotes getting a custodial sentence are just about zero. Whether it was a Copper or Joe Public, they should taken out the back of the police station for the double tap, then they can't breed.
  7. Unlike Caltrops Stinger is designed to let air out of the tyres slowly (the spikes are hollow and remain stuck in the tyre) in order to prevent the driver losing control. It would be very rare for a driver to lose control and crash immediately after driving over a stinger. Normally drivers are only charged with murder or attempted murder if there is a blatant and deliberate attempt to drive the vehicle at someone.
  8. LEGZ30 said: - Normally drivers are only charged with murder or attempted murder if there is a blatant and deliberate attempt to drive the vehicle at someone. should have added ''Or a copper is the injured party'' Not often someone is charged with attempted murder when mowing down 'civilians' no matter how wreckless their driving.

    Im with Smudge67 on this, this country (and this site) are slipping into sickening fake sentimentallity. the only winners are Interflora.

    Are we gonna have posts everytime someone in uniform is hurt? where will it end? suggest you 'girls' all grow up and stop 'crying' at every oportunity. You dont care - you just think its trendy to care, well its not its boring.
  9. Don't let Violent Badger, RFUK, or CHsomething-or-other see you making comments like that! They'll call you names ;)
  10. Without the police around who would you call when you really need help.
    Hope the officer recovers, best wishes to family
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Try actually reading the report, arrested for alleged attempted murder. They won't be charged with it. Don't believe everything you read in the press, they bulls1t a lot you know, really.

    Smudge can you give me a lift, I've a teddy to put on the roundabout.
  12. Ghostbusters? :lol:
  13. No worries Ord_Sgt, of course you can have a lift :)
  14. Well I've tried calling the police with no help whatsoever so any suggestions from you would be appreciated!

    Actually I'm exaggerating, I have got three crime numbers from them, I find them a great comfort when I'm feeling let down.
  15. The A Team..... Crazy Fool!