Attempted Murder, Armed Robbery. Soldier On!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Scally, Jan 9, 2005.

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  1. What is going on now? Are we going too soft in light of the Deepcut rubbish!?

    14 Signal Regiment EW, Brawdy

    Last year a lad from my unit had a little drunken fight with a local lad down town. The next day he was not very happy with the out come so he and a mate got “Tooled Up” and drove down town to seek revenge! (Just like the old God Father films, but in sad Haverfordwest)

    His tool of choice was a full length Samurai Sword!

    After a few drinks he finds the lad from the night before. Waits for the right moment, retrieves his now hidden sword…..and strikes. Not having enough time to finish of his well-planed job, he jumps into his getaway car and drives back to camp, drunk! Where, on returning to camp the police catch up with him and do the do!

    Now for some odd and unknown reason he got away with the attempted murder charge but not the drink driving charge. Heerrrmmm Mad World! Now at this point alarm bells should be ringing somewhere within the Great Army machine, but no! Nothing was done; he was allowed to carry on like it never happened.

    Now to the best part, on the 4th Jan 05, he decides he wants to see his girl friend in London, but he has no money. So he tools himself back up, but this time he also takes a gun as well as the sword. His plan, is for….the only black man in Pembrokeshire to hold up a Petrol Station. He puts gloves on his hands, cam cream around his eyes and mouth (So no one can tell he is black) and a balaclava over his head. He then jumps into his car (Remember no licence now from the drink driving) and pops down the road to the local petrol station. And holds it up! Needless to say he was arrested very soon after (within 20mins), whilst he was on the run in the local rural area. (Good to see all that tactical combat training working in the signals! He He) Alledgedly

    Now he resides in Bridgend nick, waiting for his inevitable fate! Will the army still keep him, if he gets away with it?

  2. Er, not being funny mate, but given that the second one appears not to have gone to trial yet, aren't you best off sticking a few 'allegedlys' in your article? 8O

    FWIW though, if this particular soldier is cleared on all counts, then the Army have to keep him.

    It would set a fairly bad precedent if they didn't, wouldn't it?
  3. Heerrrm. Unfortunately mate it’s pretty much an open and close case. Its not a case of allegedly, it happened, he did it, they caught him and he owned up to it. On Monday an officer is taking a jolly down to the Bridgend to give him his discharge papers.

    The point I am trying to make is why has it taken so long? Surely if someone goes out with the intent to kill, and puts someone in intensive care they should be got rid of ?

    If it was sorted out earlier, the petrol station incident would never of happened. But no! Once again one person is dragging down a very good Regiment.
  4. I've got no argument with you at all on what you're saying mucker, but as a soldier yourself, you know how the beauracracy in the Army works, they have to follow the rules to the letter, or risk being sued later if the trial collapsed.

    Whether he admitted it or not, is immaterial. Like you say, you know he did it, he knows he did it and a lot of other people know he did it. Until he's found guilty in a court of law though, then you have to be very careful.

    Less extreme I know, but look what happened when the Daily Mirror tried to 'assist' justice with their article on Bowyer and Woodgate DURING the first trial.

    End result? The case collapsed.
  5. I'm afraid my lessons in military law weren't as extensive as I'd have liked but as the thread's here I'll ask a clarifying question...

    If a member of the British Army commits an offence can they be charged by both the civilian courts and military system? Also if they aren't charged by the civilian authorities but the crime is evident can they then be charged by the military system?
  6. I believe the general rule of thumb is that if you're charged through the Civilian system for a minor offence (Urinating in the street, for example) then The Army generally don't take any action.

    Apart from when they do, of course and you get charged by them as well. :roll:

    Seriously, mate I really don't know the answer to this one, but when I had a minor indiscetion that was dealt by a local magistrates court in Salisbury in 1995, instead of charging me, certain SNCO's (At the request of the BSM) made my life hell instead, for a few months.

    That seems to be the usual way. You can't beat the system and The Army always win in the end... :wink:
  7. As of 01 Jan 05 the army has adopted a system called AGAI 67 - You can be done for anything which involves a court appearance - as the accused - and dealt with quite severly as regards career ie bans on promotion ETC.
  8. Typical!

    A few days away, and Cawdor unleashes its loonies. It's another case of the mysterious Brawdy Fog!


    RRR :)
  9. Ever been to Haverfordwest? I can see why he's gone crazy :twisted:
  10. antphilip asked

    Empire said
    I thought it was always so Empire (if the accused is convicted) maybe this just makes it legal. A service sanction is not the same as being tried and punished again.

    Stuart Ruthven, Navy doctor with a dodgy porn collection was found guilty civvy side but no jail. The GMC restricted his medical practice as a professional matter, not a criminal matter. (He should have been struck off). Allan Grimson (Navy ‘serial’ killer) was discharged from the Service the moment the jury announced ‘guilty’.

    Similar Service disciplinaries and sanctions may result from conviction for other crimes. Discharge. demotion, loss of seniority, sh1ttyjobs, exchange posting to the Albanian Navy (very sh!tty job). Ruthven isn’t senior enough to lose seniority but I hope that if he stays in the Mob (unlikely when everyone knows his preference for w’ank fodder) he’ll not be promoted even as he becomes professionally more senior.

    I understand a sympathetic view was taken by the Army in the case of Lee Clegg.