Attempt to identify WWI officer

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by PartTimePongo, May 28, 2005.

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  2. I wonder why he didn't have his dog tag on him.
  3. What's been censored out? :?
  4. watch

    I presume they think he's RLF because of his shoulder titles or collar dogs?

    I'd have thought the watch or flask might have been inscribed.

    Anyway , that's one less name on the Menin gate.
  5. Why on earth would "watch" be censored? Of all the things...
  6. Is it Alf Tupper?
  7. Watch is censored, because it is too much like t w a t
    The swear filter will take the w a t part and chop it.
  8. Whats R.L.F. ?

    The Lancashire Fusiliers didnt have a royal prefix.

    Something an old member of the 8th Bn LF told me one day:

    L et
    A ll
    N ations
    C ome
    A nd
    S ee
    H ow
    R espect
    E ngland

    F or
    S ee
    L ive
    I n
    E nglands
    R ichest
    S hire
  9. Unfortunatelya lot of british dog tags at the time were made of compressed fibre and have simple rotted away.
  10. Ahhh... like how our Gov&Pol class is buggered in terms of using the Internet for lessons, as words like Constitution, Institution, etc. are filtered because of T-I-T :roll:
  11. There must be lists of all LF officers lost in WW I.
    The list will allow one to determine who died in this area and timeframe, so they should soon be able to determine a number of candidates.
    The actual age of corpes (20 year old, 30 year old) should narrow down number of potencial men.
    I don't think it will be too difficult a task to identify the officer.
  12. Leather equipment does not suggest he was an officer as 1914 Patt equipment is leather and was issued on a very large scale also if the body was as complete as implied then it should be obvious as officers wore different uniforms and more importantly different boots.

  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    We like that.
  14. It seems all is not what it may seem with this discovery, the'officer' appears to be wearing an OR's badge and looks like the people doing the digging may be doing as much to damage and prevent identification as anything else, some people are also annoyed that pictures of the poor individual have already been posted on the net.
  15. I see the jealous 'Not discovered by me' , and 'My Grandad is deader than your Grandad' and the 'Overlooked 'expert' backstabbers are out in force.

    Poor Kristoff, bet it's the last time he looks for advice from his peer group.

    There are some tiny minded dorks there, who obviously have no idea of how the Belgian and Dutch Amateur Archaologists accredited by museums conduct themselves.

    I know one or 2 of the Aviation groups in Holland, and they are a very fine bunch of men and women , who would be mortified to be accused of desecrating the memory of our dead.

    These Amateurs can not do enough for our fallen , often at their own expense.

    If it wasn't for them , the last resting place of many of our fallen , would be a skipload in a landfill.