Attempt to ban new Medal of Honor game for being "un-british"

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Electronic Arts' upcoming major World War II based action game - Medal of Honor might be under trouble waters at UK shores. UK Defense Secretary Liam Fox has urged British retailers not to stock up and completely ban Medal of Honor game because of its "un-British" nature. Fox has a problem with the game as its multiplayer mode allows one to take up Taliban terrorist's role and assault NATO troops in the game.

Medal of Honor action game is a modern-day reboot of the Medal of Honor series. The game's single player experience is developed by EA Los Angeles studio while EA DICE is responsible for the multiplayer mode. Defense Secretary Fox is unhappy with the part wherein gamers can take the role of Taliban terrorists and kill the British NATO soldiers. Fox said, "It's shocking that someone would think it acceptable to recreate the acts of the Taliban. At the hands of the Taliban, children have lost fathers and wives have lost husbands. I am disgusted and angry. It's hard to believe any citizen of our country would wish to buy such a thoroughly un-British game."

Game publisher EA stated that Fox had portrayed parts of the game inaccurately. EA responded to Fox via Sunday Time stating, "The format of the new Medal of Honor game merely reflects the fact that every conflict has two sides. We give gamers the opportunity to play both sides. Most of us have been doing this since we were seven: someone plays the cop, someone must be robber. In Medal of Honor multiplayer, someone's got to be the Taliban."

Video games based around political and national conflicts have always caused issues. GameSpot UK reported that according to Sue Clark, head of communications for the BBFC, Medal of Honor is "at the lower end" of the 18-and-over classification, implying the adult content in the game is not extreme, with the PEGI online classification system covering the multiplayer activity. Clark further clarified that if Medal of Honor had included British soldiers, it would not have been exceptional. "The game does not involve British troops," she said, "but there are games both in modern and historical settings which do involve British troops."

Same thing happened with violent game Bully which got banned in the UK but was heavily pirated as well as sold illegally in the country. Such antics would surely create interest in the common man and slightly push the sales of the game. Multi-player mode has become a crucial selling point for any action game these days and unless there's a unique factor, gamers won't appreciate it.

Medal of Honor will be released for PC, Console and Handhelds on October 17 this year.


Mr Fox has fucked up in a big way, as we all know this is a non issue, but, that guy I thought was worth listening to, is a tit.

Yep Dr Fox, computer games are the problem, I ******* despair.
I think Liam Fox is trying too hard to show his solidarity with the troops someone should inform him that the armed forces does not take offence at everything they see.
You mean they won't let you play on the winning side??
It's a computer game played by sad wierdos with no life....

Why don't they turn off their TV set and go do something less boring instead? Like climb a tree.
Try stopping idiots (normally muslims but hippies have a go sometimes too) spitting on homecomeing parades and holding demonstrations before you start banning games for being un British. There's loads of games where you can kill British soldiers, and a lot of them are based on WWII, and forgive me if I'm wrong, but the nazis were a teeny bit more mean and nasty than the Taliban.
I can just see Terry playing this in his cave. Would Osama really be that pissed off if his lads were playing the British Army on online multiplayer?! Of course not - he'd be wetting his pants, just like we will when we're playing Terry against ourselves. It's a game. It's just for shits and giggles.

I'm sure we played games just like it when we were kids - running round the woods slotting 'Argies' with our rifles made from bent sticks. All of us except Dr Fox, who was probably getting fisted by his prep tutor. ****.

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