Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by at_ease, Dec 28, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone explain why on some posts when posting a reply I have an option to add an attatchment and on others there is not an option available.
  2. Any one know ?
  3. Certain forums have the necessary permissions to allow files to be attached - others don't.

    If you would like to know which forums permit attachments, scroll to the bottom of any thread in that forum. You will see a list which states the rules of the forum. For example, in this forum:

  4. can anyone tell me how to add the emoticons to bottom of every post, like ghosts bart character
  5. The GIF file is hosted on a server. The link to the picture is included within tags within the signature options, which is configured in your account

    If you follow these steps, you too can have an amusing signature block.

    1. Find an amusing animated image (GIF file)
    2. If the image is already on the internet, find out the exact file address - usually, right-clicking an image and choosing Properties gives you the filename and url (In my case,
    3. If the file is not already on the internet, you will need to upload it to an image host - try
    4. Click on your account
    5. In your Profile information, paste the url of the image into the Signature block. Don't forget to add tags around the url.
    6. Enjoy!

  6. right here goes, il give this a go, by the way cheers ghostie
  8. cheers ghostie old chap, got there in the end,abit of a nause to a computer idiot like me
    cheers again mucka
  9. Thanks Ghost ....Like anythng simple when you know how.
  10. No problem. Glad to be of service :D:D

    Easy, innit! Most people won't get that far down a page - but it helps if you know it's there :mrgreen: