Attacks in Basra/Amman

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by trailfinder, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. Breaking news link here.

    My best wishes for full and speedy recoveries...
  2. Brit forces are attacked by mortars, Chinese rockets and RPGs on a daily basis but are only reported in the UK if there are casualties. Even the relative safe haven of SLB gets nailed almost weekly but it never makes the news.

    Speedy recovery to those injured.

  3. A British tourist has been killed after a gunman opened fire in the centre of the Jordanian capital Amman

    According to a police source the attacker - who is thought to be an Iraqi - has been arrested.

    An eyewitness said: "I was walking when I saw someone pull out a pistol from his pocket and start shouting Allahu Akbar (God is Greatest) and fire repeatedly.

    "Then I saw one tourist who appeared to be dead and three who were injured. They were in a group of seven. A woman told me they were tourists from New Zealand and England."
  4. Sky News are saying now that in the Basra attack 2 were killed and one injured its only just come up so no link.
  5. BBC confirming two UK dead, two wounded in Basra.

    Two UK soldiers have been killed in a bomb attack near Basra in southern Iraq, a military spokesman has said.

    It is thought the explosion, which took place as the troops were on patrol, was caused by a roadside device.

    Another two soldiers were injured in the incident and have been taken to the Shaibah Logistics Base for emergency medical treatment.

    In a separate incident, British boats at a base in Basra itself have been hit by mortar rounds or rockets.

    The attack started a fire among boats on a waterway inside the perimeter of the Shatt al-Arab Hotel base but no casualties were reported.

    There are about 7,200 UK personnel in British-controlled southern Iraq, most in the Basra area.

    The military convoy is said to have been targeted about nine miles (15km) north of the city at about 1300 local time.

    "A British patrol was attacked near the town of Ad Dayr, north of Basra city," said Capt Tane Dunlop, a force spokesman.

    "There was a roadside bomb and some small arms fire."
  6. Sad news
  7. BBC is now reporting the lads as being from the QDG.
  8. What an awful couple of days.

  9. RIP condolences
  10. What a horrible week. RIP
  11. A good friend of mine is in QDG in Basra at the moment i pray he is well.

    What an awful week this is shaping up to be.

    RIP gents

    God helkp the injured.